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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of Family, Friends and Affiliate Partners! Network Transportation Worldwide, LLC is so excited to hop into Spring! 2018 has been such an impressive year for us and we are so grateful and blessed.

With the new year, we have implemented many changes in our infrastructure. First being that we are trying to go all paperless, this includes doing away with trip sheets and just utilizing the Chauffeur App provided with our Limo Software.

Second, we have also created a drive for all of our files to be placed. The gives our office staff the ability to view the files from any computer at anytime to make updates or add new documents.

In addition to all of the amazing changes above, we have enhanced our sales and marketing strategies. By doing so we have had an outstanding growth in our Groups department.

Business is booming and we are on the move. Our annual trip to Vegas to meet with all our Partners hasn’t failed our team yet. Network Transportation was able to learn many new facts about the State of our Industry, and all the new and exciting changes many others in our industry are making in their companies to grow!

Network cannot wait to see what happens next! Be sure and stay tuned and join us as we hop hop hop our way through Tampa and Happy Easter to all!



Vegas Trip



The excitement was in full force as I was given the amazing opportunity to join my Going Global family once again for three days full of amazing people and a wealth of knowledge. What better place to be headed then Washington, DC! Flight is taking off and here we go…

Landed safely and was greeted by my chauffeur to take me on the first leg of my journey! RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation here I come. As we turned the corner into the parking lot of RMA’S brand new office facility my eyes were hooked on the amazing fleet of vehicles lined up ready to go! My chauffeur then gathered my luggage and escorted me to the front door where I was greeted by the amazing staff at RMA and many of my fellow Going Global family members. We got to tour their new facility and I was completely blown away on ever corner we turned. From their reservation area to their chauffeur lounge every area was designed to not only be functional for all, but fun and comfortable place to work!

Day 1 of our meeting started with Tony Simon from Reston Limousines. Tony spoke on how to make the most out of your time at the trade shows. For example: To pre-plan appointments for the day time with affiliates from every part of the world not just in your area. He also touched on the importance of how to present yourself at all times, because you are the face of the company while there. Primary focus should be your ROI not if you attended every party that was held!

Next on the packed day was the “Idea Think Tank”, this was a chance for all group members to present a working routine that has helped save your company money and time! There where so many amazing ideas, everything from water tanks, to giving new employees a test of what they learned through the training process!

We ended the day at the amazing Stone Tower Winery, where our group got to enjoy a wine tour mountain side! After our delicious wine we had the utmost pleasure of being invited to dine at Kristina Bouweiri’s Reston’s Founder/CEO beautiful home. What a treat!

Finally on the last day of the Going Global takes over Washington we had the pleasure of getting to have Guest Speaker Barry Gross give our team all the hidden gems on how to build your Affiliate Program! The day ended with a tour of Reston Limousines, everyone was blown away by not only their facility but their impressive fleet of vehicles. Everyone at Reston was so welcoming and showed our group and amazing time! Thank you for your hospitality and a trip of a lifetime.

Washington left an imprint on our hearts and mind. We hope you enjoyed traveling with us today, Til next time!


Going Global


Fall weddings are upon us

Fall weddings are here! Are you in the know about how to choose your transportation provider? Transportation is always the last thing on the wedding list of priorities, but is a major necessity!

We wanna take the guessing game out of you hands and get you fully loaded with all the information you need to make the best decision in your ground transportation provider. Below will be a list of all the questions you need to cross off your list before you sign on the dotted line!

Do you need transportation? In some cases your event takes place in one venue

What kind of wedding Transportation will be right for your day? How many guests? Location? All these play a factor

How long will you need services the services for?

How old are the vehicles in the companies fleet?

What attire does the chauffeur wear?

Is gratuity included? What is included in the wedding package?

Cancellation policies? Deposits? Or payment in full?

The more details the better when quoting out your event. Timelines are key in making sure your event remains on time and will ensure all in attendance are happy.

As a transportation provider we also encourage you to go and see what you are booking, get into the vehicle, move around and make sure the vehicle is the right fit for you.

A big trend now is transportation for you guests. Many couples feel it is important to have all in attendance arrive safely and in style!  We are much cheaper than a DUI 🙂

Picking your transportation provider doesn’t have to be a headache as long as you come fully prepared with your timeline and all the questions you may have, the process will go smooth and seamless.

Thank you again for joining us on yet another adventure with Network Transportation Worldwide, LLC. We hope you enjoyed the journey and look forward to entertaining you next time around 🙂




Rise of Tampa

Tampa is on the rise and that was shown to all in attendance at the MPI Tampa Chapter Educational Session sponsored by the amazing Florida Aquarium!

Nevar Murray Sales manager at the Florida Aquarium showcased their newest event space the Mosaic Center which had ceiling to floor windows, views of the beautiful harbor, and just a doorway away from the amazing roof top event outdoor area.

MPI Tampa Chapter Educational session was all about the new development’s happening all over Tampa Bay. Bryan Moll with Strategic Property Partners came fully loaded with information that is vital to all who reside and travel to beautiful Tampa. They have named the project Water Street Tampa, this is a 3 Billion revitalization project. This project brings to life two new hotels with a total room count of over 650 rooms. One hotel will be Tampa’s first 5-star hotel. Tampa has not seen office space in over two years and with this project more then two million square feet of office space in two amazing towers will be built, this will include retail space, restaurant, and entertainment space, this section of the project will take over ten years to complete. In addition to all of these amazing developments the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine and heart institute will be built in the heart of downtown Tampa.

Later projects are also set to take place, like the demolition of Channelside Bay Plaza with an agreement that was made with the Tampa Port to redesign a new outdoor haven with access to the water and new and innovative restaurant’s, and retail stores.

The rise of Tampa Bay has been needing this revitalization for so long and with all the new office space, restaurant’s, retail space, and entertainment space the economy will see a major increase in jobs and tourism.

Stay tuned as Network Transportation Worldwide keeps you informed of all the new and exciting things happening around our bay! Thank you for coming along with us, see you next time 🙂




Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay


GBTA 2017

Network Transportation Worldwide’s President of operations Michael Gaylor Jr, took on GBTA 2017 in beautiful Boston! GBTA really put together an amazing convention for 2017, this year there was 7000 attendees, 400 Exhibitors, 50 Countries, and 70 Educational sessions.

July 15th, 2017 was opening day at GBTA this brought on a day full of packed educational sessions, for example Fundamentals of business travel management which touched on key factors of being a business traveler and how to stay focused on key factors to make the most of your time. What better way to also spend on opening day then on a service project sponsored by Amadeus. Cradles to Crayons. Volunteers spent their time packaging Kid packs for children living in homeless shelters or low income homes. The kid packs include: Pre-teen clothing, books, safety equipment and all the necessity to thrive.

Day 2 of GBTA 2017 brought on a day fully loaded with mini educational sessions and an amazing First Timers Orientation. Guest speaker Dr. Natalie Stavas, an attending physician at Boston’s Children Hospital. Dr. Stavas has made a profound impact in Boston, she has been given “The change Maker Award” in 2012 for her community service in Boston. In 2013 she was named “Boston’s Best” and then given the “Bostonian Of The Year”. Dr. Stavas has also been featured in The New York Times, Boston Globe and the Runner’s World.  Dr. Stavas spoke this day on a very emotional subject. Natalie was running in her fifth Boston Marathon when she heard the loud explosions, without a moments hesitation she went running towards the massive sound to find out what was happening. Upon arriving she encountered the mass chaos of what we all know now was The Boston Marathon bombing. Dr. Stavas acted as a first responder as she aided in applying tourniquets and triaging the many wounded. She will forever be in the hearts of those she helped that day!

GBTA ended on July 19th, 2017 the days in between were filled with many steps through the convention hall and meetings with CMP’s, DMC’s, and sister ground transportation companies. Network Transportation Worldwide defiantly left its mark on Boston and at GBTA 2017! We appreciate you reading and continuing to join our team on this journey! Thank you and until next time 🙂




GBTA 2017

GBTA 2017


Fleet NTWW

Finally a day of nothing but sunshine and what better to do in Florida on a beautiful day (no rain) you ask? Network Transportation WW decided flying a drone to get a photo of just a few of the astonishing fleet of vehicles offered by our team was a fantastic idea!

Our fleet is growing everyday to accommodate the ever growing ground transportation needs of the guests we service. We strive to keep all late model pristine vehicles on the road, so that our guests and clients will have the full experience of first class chauffeured services every time they travel with our team.

Drones, Drones, Drones, its all the new hype for people all over the world! Drones are an aerial vehicle that does not need piloting, you can program flight plans. Other users use them for photography to get shots you otherwise couldn’t at very high distances.

Here are some interesting facts about drones:

  1. The concept of an unarmed aerial machine has been around since 1849
  2. Domino’s pizza successfully delivered a pizza using the Domicopter
  3. Police now have a drone unit that helps catch user that are flying drones in forbidden areas
  4. Nissan came out with the GT-R which has successfully reached speeds as fast as 185 KMH
  5. In 2010 almost one hundred drone accidents were recorded

Drones are a new and fun innovative way to take photos, deliver pizzas, and catch mis-users!

Thank you for coming along yet another journey with Network Transportation Worldwide.



Cadillac XTS

Cadillac XTS


I don’t see myself as someone who brings a lot of luggage! Network Transportation Worldwide has put this very question to the test that so many transportation companies scratch their heads over… How many pieces of luggage can you fit in your vehicles? Network put this question to the test in the only fashion our team would. We filled as many office members into the open trunks as we could and took pictures for proof!

We have an amazing diversified fleet of all late model vehicles so of course we had to test them all! First up was the Cadillac XTS, with trunk space of 18 cubic feet we were able to fit not only one staff member but three (with luggage tags attached of course).

Next up, was the Cadillac ESV, we kept all rows up and only used the allowed trunk space of 15.2 cubic feet (way more space if both the third and second row are down) we again succeeded and got three staff members in the trunk!

The final vehicle to be put to the test was the Mercedes Sprinter G2. This bad boy has 371-547 cubic feet in cargo space depending on the passenger seating style. The sprinter hit it out of the ball park with the space left over even with three office staff members. All in all we found that our fleet does allow for more then what we expected to fit!

If you cant make learning your luggage space fun, your doing something wrong! Come along for our next test, who knows what we will come up with next! Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed being apart of our day here at Network Transportation Worldwide! Til next time…

“If you want a comfortable journey of life then.. Reduce the luggage expectations!






Tampa International Airport

Planes, Trams, and buses oh my! Tampa International Airport is under going a major face lift. Late 2011 airport officials began mapping out the master plan for the 3 phases of renovations that will be taking place over the next several years

Tampa Internationals plan to expand and renovate has made a huge impact in Tampa Bay. By doing so this $953 million dollar project has helped create 9,000 construction related jobs to help boost our economy. Phase one has been underway for quite some time. The master plan for Phase 1 has been to get the 1.4 mile people mover track installed, with the install of the people mover track this has caused the airport to reroute many roads in and out of the airport territory. Another exciting change is the brand new 2.6 million square foot rental car facility, this new addition will make the rental car process operate much smoother and more efficient for travelers. Phase 1 also brought a significant face lift to the concessions. New retailers and restaurants are popping up all over. Popular names like, Rum Fish Grille, Ducky’s and Hard Rock Café are just a few to name, there are said to be many more in the works. In addition smaller projects such as the Escalators have had an upgrade, the new stairs are super high tech and slow down when no one is on them. Also there are now digital sign throughout the short and long term parking areas.

Phase 2 will bring a close to many of the projects started in phase one and will also start some very important development’s. This phase includes the curbside expansion with an express lanes for travelers without checked baggage and also a commercial lane to help accommodate transit and ground transportation companies. A brand new Airside D is also part of the massive phase 2. This new addition will also have 16 gates that will serve both domestic and international flights.

Phase 3 is said to begin sometime in 2020 and will complete all projects from phase  1 and 2. As well as the new International processing facilities that will help moving international travelers more efficiently through customs. All three phases will help double the number of travelers coming and going at Tampa International Airport.

Network Transportation Worldwide is excited for all the amazing changes taking place throughout Tampa Bay. We hope that you will continue to follow our team on our journeys! til next time thanks for traveling with us!


A Night in white

MPI Tampa chapter put on such an amazing Night in White awards gala. This night was very special to not only all the MPI Tampa Chapter members but also to Margaret Williams family. Margaret lost her battle with ovarian cancer on March, 1st 2017. Margaret worked as a full time meeting planner, she was also past president for MPI’s Tampa Chapter. Anyone who knew Margaret loved and cherished her friendship and mentorship

The evening began with a grand entrance full of entertainment on the amazing Yacht Star Ship. To show the love and admiration to Margaret all in attendance were asked to wear white, which was Margaret’s favorite color. Drinks served during the networking hour were mia tais, dinner served was steak, lobster and mac and cheese. After dinner was a dance party full of lights, music and lighted costumes!

All the proceed from the 50/50 earned at the meeting will be donated in Margaret’s name to the Moffitt cancer center, this money will help in the research to find a cure in this aggressive cancer that has taken so many woman’s lives.

Network Transportation was so excited to not only sponsor but donate our goods and services for such an amazing cause. Our hope is that the money raised will help get the awareness out to all woman to get checked and get the treatment needed to fight ovarian cancer.

Thank you for continuing to join our team on this journey. We love and appreciate all our partners and guests! Till next time thank you for reading.

Father’s Day

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it”. Network Transportation Worldwide would like to wish all the amazing father’s a very Happy Father’s day!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to show the daddies who work endless hours and give without hesitation a day of no work and all play.

Our team would love the opportunity to have you as our guests as you spoil the men in your life. Our team has every vehicles style that is sure to make the dads in your life feel like a king.

Contact any team member to find out about the many specials Network Transportation is running.

Top Thirty Best Gifts 2017:

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. MVMT Watches
  3. Me Undies
  4. Discovery Drone With Camera & Wifi Feature
  5. Dollar Shave Club Subscription
  6. Mophie Power Reserve
  7. Birchbox Man Supscription
  8. Leatherman Skeletool
  9. Dewalt Tools
  10. Home Depot/Loews Gift Cards
  11. Kregrip/Cut Circular saw
  12. Audio Book
  13. Noise cancelling headphones
  14. The ultimate coffee machine
  15. Chocolate potato chips
  16. Baller Suitcase
  17. Virtual Reality headset
  18. Retro Table top game
  19. Chicer Sneakers
  20. IPA Brewing kit
  21. Fire Pit
  22. Portable Grill
  23. Slippers
  24. Funny saying t-shirt
  25. Apple Watch
  26. Personalized beer tin
  27. Fit Bit Zip Wireless activity tracker
  28. Tool Box
  29. Grand Theft Auto 5
  30. Personalized photo book

Home made gifts are also amazing, Pinterest has so many creative ideas for all ages and any style dad in your life!

“A daddy is someone who wants to catch you before you fall, but instead, picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.”

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what Network Transportation Worldwide has been up too! We enjoy having you all aboard our journey and love to keep you updated on all the new and exciting things happening in Tampa Bay.



Network Transportation WW Remembers

Network Transportation Worldwide remembers all those who have lost their lives fighting for our country.

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong”. James Bryce

This Memorial day our country needs to come together and give gratitude towards the many who lost their lives to keep so many safe.

Our country is feeling so much pain from the recent attacks in Manchester, London.  22 innocent lives lost and countless injured from such a horrific act of terrorism. The fear of the unknown of what is next weighs heavy on all our hearts and minds. Without the many men and woman who step up and but themselves on the front lines of terror everyday our country would never be where it is today. We must remember to thank our soldiers and their families and let them know how much their sacrifices are appreciated.





Network Transportation Worldwide is busy networking tampa

Network Transportation Worldwide is busy networking all over Tampa Bay! Connecting with associations and building relationships with other companies is one of the most important ways to build your business. NACE National Association Of Catering & Events is one of the many association’s our team is a member of. Vice President of Operations Michael Gaylor Jr, joined fellow NACE members on Tuesday at the Post Card Inn in St. Petersburg to listen to Speaker Kevin Dennis on new and innovative ways to get technical. Kevin discussed many new and old APPS that are beneficial for all event industries.

TBBTA was next on the journey. The amazing ballroom at the booming Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina was filled with so many eager TBBTA members ready to listen and learn from the panel of experts on the Travel and Transport Industry. The panel was asked many questions regarding the new bane on electronics on planes. Speaker Eric Blackburn a TSA representative touched on how the bane may not be lifted for some time but that many airlines are now offering tablets for all first class and business class flyers. Speaker Susan Thomas also touched on how she would like the travel industry to function in the future making the process of booking travel needs easier in every avenue.

From land to sea is where the next meeting lead our team. MPI Meeting Professional International Tampa Chapter took place at the sunny Hyatt Regency Clearwater Hotel. Erin Fuller was the speaker MPIs May education program. Erin is the president of MCI her company helps with the events and management of 28 non profit organizations. Erin touched on how networking has evolved from generation to generation, and gave tips on how to gain the most out of every meeting based on the generation you were born into too.

Never stop having the drive to learn. Thank you for coming along on our journey, till next time!

Network Transportation Worldwide



Happy Mother’s Day from Network Transportation Worldwide

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  A good mother loves fiercely but ultimately brings up her children to thrive without her!

Network Transportation Worldwide wishes all the mommies a very Happy Mother’s Day. Sunday May 14th 2017 is a day that we celebrate the amazing women in all of our lives.

This is a day you shower them with love and admiration, a day you show them how much they mean to you and all they have done in your life to make you the person you and the person you are becoming!

We would love to be apart of your special day with the special women in your life.

We wish you all a wonderful day! Please stay tuned til next time.


Network Transportation Worldwide rolls in a Motor Coach

Network Transportation rolls in a motor coach! From start to finish picking out a motor coach never had a dull moment for the team at Network Transportation Worldwide.

So many question, from what year, how many seats, color. Then on to the engine, tires, exterior, ETC. Motor coaches are an essential part of a transportation company. When you look at Tampa’s growth and all the new and exciting renovations not only being worked on at TPA and the cruise port, it only makes sense to dive into the motor coach market.

Our convention center is also one of the many reason owning a motor coach is such a benefit. Groups fill our local hotels and require transportation to get to and from the convention center and also off site team building.

The reasons are endless of why making the big decision to purchasing a motor coach are so beneficial. Network Transportation Worldwide is so excited for what the future has in hold for our company and what this new venture will bring to our team.

We hope you will stay tuned to our growth and what we will do next 🙂 Till next time Thank you for reading!


Network Transportation Worldwide is Meetings Academy bound

Network Transportation Worldwide elevates with MPI Meeting Academy! Our journey began at the beautiful Wyndham Grand located on the sunny beaches in Clearwater, FL. General Registration & Networking started the show with amazing break dancers sponsored by Breezin Entertainment & Productions, this was the perfect way to break the ice and get all the attendees pumped for the day full of  jam packed breakout sessions! Next on the agenda was the amazing Keynote speaker Michael O’ Donnell. All in attendance sat on the edge of their seats listening to Mr. O’Donnell speak about his success, failures and his reinvention from climbing the tallest mountains in most remarkable countries to building an international empire. Michael set an incredible impact on how to work together as a team and to never stop building each other up.  Inspired and urge to learn more lead to the first of many breakout sessions. “Don’t Phreak out” was full of tremendous knowledge on pharmaceutical groups and how the start and finish them with ease. Our next mountain to climb was my favorite by far with Karn Clark of Bay Area Destinations who spoke all about Transportation. She touched on who you should contact for certain groups, and the do’s and don’ts on how to earn their business. Our climb through the Wyndham ended with a seaside reception with beautiful nautical décor by MMD Events, attendees got to enjoy many different style foods and entertainment. This is a journey that anyone in attendance will never forget, the knowledge and networking left all of us inspired and being inspired is the perfect place to be in this high pace industry. Thank you to all the hardworking volunteer’s who put together such an amazing event! Thank you all for joining our team on our many journeys, til next time!!!



Network Transportation Worldwide

MPI Meetings International


Network transportation world wide takes a voyage

Network Transportation Worldwide takes a Voyage!

First stop to the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas Nevada. Sheri Boesch, Founder and CEO of Network Transportation joined industry partners and friends as they stormed the showroom floor at the beautiful Venetian Hotel. LCT put on an amazing show full of new vehicle build outs to jaw dropping mini sessions full of industry knowledge. Nights in Vegas ended with old friends and new friends meeting at the industry networking events. The lights, the scenery, and new knowledge left all who attended inspired!

Second stop on our voyage was Hotlanta. Where Spinning Wheels Group met to gather for more mini sessions with the LMC Group where owners and GM’s learned how human resource’s are changing everyday. The group also got to visit the amazing Chick-Fila corporate office where they learned all the values and company polices they are established.

Last but not least they ended their visit in Atlanta at Tony Mehdiof’s outstanding establishment North Point Transportation, the group was taken on a tour of the facility and given the opportunity to view North Points amazing fleet of vehicles.

Network Transportation Worldwide is blessed to able to travel and spend time with the industry partners and friends. The knowledge we gain helps our team grow bigger and better everyday!


Network Transportation Worldwide voyage

Network Transportation Worldwide Connects With Tampa

Network Transportation Worldwide connects with Tampa Bay! Our team has been very busy out in the community since the beginning of the year. There is no greater feeling then giving back to those who are in need. Michael J. Gaylor Jr our Vice President Of Operations, attended an amazing event at Cheval Golf and athletic club for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. .This Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. Their focus is to fund research to find less toxic, more targeted therapies by partnering with leading hospitals nationwide. Many sponsors and vendors helped make this event go off without a hitch, one vendor made all of the children in attendance smile throughout the day by dressing up as their favorite Disney princess or Disney fairy. . Network Transportation Worldwide contributed our 2014 Lincoln MKT for the day for the kids to have the full experience of what riding in a limousine would be like. One lucky family also won our donation of 4 free hours for a family fun night out on the town.

Visit Tampa Bay is a huge organization for the growth of our tourism here in Tampa Bay, FL. The staff at Visit Tampa Bay works extremely hard to bring Convention sales and room taxes to help support the expansion of our amazing community. Heather Allen President Of Operations had the great pleasure of meeting Alex Kaptzan, VP of Convention Sales at a TBBTA Educational Session at the beautiful renovated Bay Harbor Hotel. Alex spoke of the many topics, such as the huge expansion Tampa Bay is going to experience in the upcoming years. For example the Port of Tampa is planning a huge renovation that is said to draw in more tourists to our area. Also Tampa International Airport is currently undergoing a huge renovation that will be concluded in three phases. With this expansion it will bring in more International Travel flights as well as a more functional Rental Car division.  Alex’s knowledge of Tampa Bay and how to achieve gaining more of the groups that visit Tampa will help Network Transportation grow for years to come!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” Winston Churchill

Connects, Visit Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Connects, Visit Tampa Bay

Network Transportation Worldwide wishes all a happy valentines day

Network Transportation Worldwide would like to wish all of our loved ones, friends, and affiliates a very Happy Valentines day!

Having somewhere to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family, having both is a blessing. Our team hopes that you spend your Valentines Day with all those you love and care for dearly!

Network Transportation Worldwide would love to have make your day even more romantic by putting you and your loved ones in one of our late model beautiful fleet of vehicles!  Please contact our team today for our Valentine’s Day special’s!

True Friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes!

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day

Network Transportation Worldwide


Network Transportation Worldwide wishes all a Happy New Year

Network Transportation Worldwide wishes all of our family, friends, and partners a very Happy and safe New Year!

As 2016 comes to a close, our team is feeling so blessed for our partners, guests, and vendors.

2017 means new hope and new goals for our team at Network Transportation Worldwide and we look forward to continuing to grow with all of you.

Thank you and Happy New Year!



Happy New Year

Network Transportation Gives Hope For Haven

RCS Haven

Clearwater Regional chamber of commerce

Network Transportation Worldwide gives hope for the members and families who receive the help needed from RCS Haven. Our team had the pleasure of attending The Clearwater Regional Chamber Of Commerce RCS Hope Gala on Thursday December 1st. The story of how RCS started is one that will touch you heart and show you how beneficial it is to help others.

In 1967, fifteen local congregations of varying faiths and ethnicities came together to provide help & hope for people in need. Pinellas County grew, and with it grew the demand and the need for a helping hand. Eager to lend a helping hand, these congregations found themselves with fewer resources to serve a growing population. Determined to make a difference, these leaders studied the needs of the community and pooled their resources to provide efficient, secular services to the people of Pinellas County. Together they founded RCS. As Pinellas County Continued to grow, so did RCS, expanding and diversifying to meet the needs of the community. Results showed that the services RCS provided made a difference, and many more congregations and volunteers joined the efforts, each one wanting to build a better community. RCS focused on serving individuals and families with dignity, helping them along the path to self-sufficiency.

That focus remains strong today as RCS directs resources to people facing hunger, homelessness, domestic violence and basic needs. RCS has evolved into a cooperative of professional staff members, integral volunteers and partnering faith congregations delivering reliable services to those most vulnerable in Pinellas County. RCS continues to use research, communication and best practices to be a premier community based agency providing help & hope to people in need.

Network Transportation Worldwide will continue to give back hope to the RCS Haven, what an honor it was to be apart of such an amazing event to show support to those volunteer’s who work endless hours to give back to individual’s, and families who are in desperate need.