Network Transportation Worldwide wishes all a Happy New Year

Network Transportation Worldwide wishes all of our family, friends, and partners a very Happy and safe New Year!

As 2016 comes to a close, our team is feeling so blessed for our partners, guests, and vendors.

2017 means new hope and new goals for our team at Network Transportation Worldwide and we look forward to continuing to grow with all of you.

Thank you and Happy New Year!



Happy New Year

Network Transportation Gives Hope For Haven

RCS Haven

Clearwater Regional chamber of commerce

Network Transportation Worldwide gives hope for the members and families who receive the help needed from RCS Haven. Our team had the pleasure of attending The Clearwater Regional Chamber Of Commerce RCS Hope Gala on Thursday December 1st. The story of how RCS started is one that will touch you heart and show you how beneficial it is to help others.

In 1967, fifteen local congregations of varying faiths and ethnicities came together to provide help & hope for people in need. Pinellas County grew, and with it grew the demand and the need for a helping hand. Eager to lend a helping hand, these congregations found themselves with fewer resources to serve a growing population. Determined to make a difference, these leaders studied the needs of the community and pooled their resources to provide efficient, secular services to the people of Pinellas County. Together they founded RCS. As Pinellas County Continued to grow, so did RCS, expanding and diversifying to meet the needs of the community. Results showed that the services RCS provided made a difference, and many more congregations and volunteers joined the efforts, each one wanting to build a better community. RCS focused on serving individuals and families with dignity, helping them along the path to self-sufficiency.

That focus remains strong today as RCS directs resources to people facing hunger, homelessness, domestic violence and basic needs. RCS has evolved into a cooperative of professional staff members, integral volunteers and partnering faith congregations delivering reliable services to those most vulnerable in Pinellas County. RCS continues to use research, communication and best practices to be a premier community based agency providing help & hope to people in need.

Network Transportation Worldwide will continue to give back hope to the RCS Haven, what an honor it was to be apart of such an amazing event to show support to those volunteer’s who work endless hours to give back to individual’s, and families who are in desperate need.