Fleet NTWW

Finally a day of nothing but sunshine and what better to do in Florida on a beautiful day (no rain) you ask? Network Transportation WW decided flying a drone to get a photo of just a few of the astonishing fleet of vehicles offered by our team was a fantastic idea!

Our fleet is growing everyday to accommodate the ever growing ground transportation needs of the guests we service. We strive to keep all late model pristine vehicles on the road, so that our guests and clients will have the full experience of first class chauffeured services every time they travel with our team.

Drones, Drones, Drones, its all the new hype for people all over the world! Drones are an aerial vehicle that does not need piloting, you can program flight plans. Other users use them for photography to get shots you otherwise couldn’t at very high distances.

Here are some interesting facts about drones:

  1. The concept of an unarmed aerial machine has been around since 1849
  2. Domino’s pizza successfully delivered a pizza using the Domicopter
  3. Police now have a drone unit that helps catch user that are flying drones in forbidden areas
  4. Nissan came out with the GT-R which has successfully reached speeds as fast as 185 KMH
  5. In 2010 almost one hundred drone accidents were recorded

Drones are a new and fun innovative way to take photos, deliver pizzas, and catch mis-users!

Thank you for coming along yet another journey with Network Transportation Worldwide.



Cadillac XTS

Cadillac XTS