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Wedding Transportation Tips & More To Tie The Knot In Style

Your wedding day is something special. All eyes will be on you and your future spouse as you make your way down the aisle. The whole event, from the invitations to the wedding transportation, is designed with you in mind.

However, have you ever realized just how much of your wedding ceremony can be customized to your own desires? Although it may seem obvious to some, on your special day, nearly every detail can be arranged according to your own dreams.

Let’s explore this further by taking a look at a traditional wedding saying.

Something Old

There are several way that you can interpret “something old.” For example, a bride may want to wear her mother’s wedding gown or a groom may choose to carry his dad’s handkerchief.

However, you can take this a step further with a destination wedding. What if your something old was a historic venue or location?

There are many places like this in Tampa. For example, there’s the Ritz Ybor right in the heart of the city. The Ritz was built in 1917, but underwent a major renovation before opening as Tampa’s premier events venue in June of 2008. Previously hosted events here include sold-out concerts by major stars, such as Lady Gaga, Tiesto, and many others.

If the theatre feel isn’t quite your style, consider the The Orlo House and Ballroom. Due to its large size, this venue is best reserved for large parties. The venue’s capacity is between 200 and 350 guests, depending on whether you need room for sitting or standing. 

Something New

It’s a big world out there! As such, the options are nearly endless when it comes to selecting your something new. Really, each day forward will be a step into something new as you build your new life together.

You could play it simple and buy something new for your outfit, such as cuff links or new shoes. The bride may want to consider her new dress for this category. However, there are other more adventurous options, as well.

Consider going somewhere you’ve never been for your honeymoon, or even your wedding destination. If you feel any apprehension about learning your way around a new area, remember that booking wedding transportation means that you don’t have to worry about learning to drive on unfamiliar roadways. 

Call ahead to reserve a ride to TPA Airport and you won’t have to worry about the local traffi, either. Airport shuttle service saves you time, since your chauffeur will drop you off right at the entrance. In addition, it saves you the cost and hassles of leaving your car in Tampa airport parking.

Something Borrowed

Choosing items to fit this theme can often make people teary-eyed. That’s because of the highly sentimental nature of the items that are borrowed from family members or close friends.

It is common for couples to borrow accessories from parents or other family member that have been significant in their lives. Remember the above mention of borrowing the gown or handkerchief from your parents? 

If borrowing something of such high importance makes you nervous, there is another way to incorporate this principle into your wedding planning. By using a rental service, you are only borrowing the items that you are using for the ceremony. As such, your wedding limo transportation technically qualifies.

Now, before you start to worry that limousine cars may be outside of your means, remember that Tampa has a reliable source for affordable limousine service to fit any budget. Network Transportation Solutions can handle your luxury car service needs for your special day as well as everyday tasks, such as corporate travel or non-emergency medical transportation. 

Something Blue

Tampa Bay happens to be home to a very large something blue. The Bay itself contains beautiful blue water, as does the Hillsborough River. Pick a venue with a view and this part of the list is easy to check off.

However, a waterfront wedding isn’t your only option. Our fleet at Network Transportation includes several vehicles with customizable interior. We have limousine and party bus rental options that feature party lighting in a number of colors, even blue!

If party lighting isn’t your thing, you could decorate with blue streamers or create centerpieces for your ceremony with blue accents. A blue shirt adds a pop of color under a tuxedo. Some brides have even been known to wear blue sneakers under their gowns. When you use your imagination, you can come up with some really creative options for blue wedding items.

Tampa's Best Source For Wedding Transportation

Network Transportation is proud to provide the best in limo rental, Tampa Bay and beyond. 

When you need Car Service Near Me, you don’t have to feel like calling an Uber or Lyft is your only option. While these ride-sharing services may seem convenient, remember that the quickest fix isn’t always the best. 

Our fleet features a wide range of limousine cars, from Town Cars to stretched limos and SUVs. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about how Network Transportation can get you where you need to go. Whether you need wedding transportation or business event transportation, our professional chauffeurs are happy to help. 

Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Top 10 Healthy Eats In Tampa

Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

– Edward Stanley

Travelers often worry about their healthy habits falling by the wayside on vacation. However, visitors to Tampa Bay can rest easy when it comes to healthy eating. There is no shortage of places to grab a nutritious meal or a healthy snack. In fact, you could even build an entire itinerary around the Tampa food scene.

Whether you’re hanging out on the best Tampa beaches or exploring the sights, eating well is extremely important. Taking time for yourself on vacation is no excuse to slack on your health. Here are ten places to enjoy a good meal during your stay in Tampa.


Feeling adventurous?

Plan a “Foodie Tour” and eat your way around the Bay on a Tampa party bus.


Top 10 Tour: Healthy Eats in Tampa

Forget Ticketmaster. There are plenty of events going on, but you don’t need tickets to have a great time. Try something different for your next Tampa vacation. For example, try enjoying healthy dishes while you explore the blossoming local food scene!

The hardest part about planning your foodie fun adventure is narrowing down which restaurants to check out. Make sure to hit these stops.

1) Fresh Kitchen

It’s Not Fast Food. It’s Fresh Food, Served Fast!

Tampa Locations: SoHo, Westshore

Must-Try Items: Tofu Bowl, Coconut Ginger Rice

Fresh Kitchen is a local favorite for bowl-style meals. They serve fresh, healthy ingredients in large portions. To build your bowl, you choose ingredients from a master list. Select your base—like rice, greens, or noodles—then add your veggies, protein, and sauce.

Relax & Enjoy the Ride

Anyone Can Travel in Luxury With Limo Rental Tampa


2) First Watch

Breakfast, Lunch, and Brunch in Between

Tampa Locations: Downtown, Henderson, University Collection Fowler, Carrollwood

Must-Try Items: Avocado Toast, Multigrain Pancakes

Early risers and brunch aficionados will be right at home. Who wouldn’t when guests are welcomed with a pot of coffee, a complimentary newspaper, and free WiFi? Fresh ingredients are the magic behind the made-from-scratch baked goods you’ll find here. Where else can you find carrot cake pancakes? Hurry in, because their days start early and they close up shop after lunch.

Looking for Corporate Car Service Near Me?

Reserve Your Business Travel Vehicle Today.


3) Vegan International Co. Kitchen & Market

Making Veganism Delicious”

Tampa Locations: USF

Must-Try Items: Mac & Cheese, Homemade Drinks

This place lives up to its name as a 100 percent vegan restaurant and specialty grocery market. The owners are on a mission to provide vegan food at an affordable price. Reasonable prices and generous portions keep loyal customers satisfied. They also serve smoothies for a great pick-me-up or nutritious snack on the go.

4) Mouna’s Delicacies – The Mediterranean Chickpea 

Homemade & Healthy Mediterranean Fare

Tampa Locations: South Tampa

Must-Try Items: Homemade Hummus, Falafel Bowl

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with traditional dishes like hummus, tabbouleh, and pickled veggies. The kitchen uses only fresh, in-season ingredients for each of its dishes. Every item is prepared with love, not preservatives.

Need to Pick Up a Prescription on Vacation?

Click Here for Non-Emergency Medical Transport.


5) Healthy N Fresh Cafe

Living a Simpler n’ Healthier Life”

Tampa Locations: Palma Ceia

Must-Try Items: Açaí bowl, Roast Pork

This gourmet café features hand-crafted sandwiches, hearty stews, and fresh salads created using the best ingredients. In the kitchen there are only wholesome ingredients like farm-raised, non-GMO produce. Let their menú options remind you of simpler times with dishes like homemade chicken or tuna salads.

6) Pure Kitchen Organic Vegan

Bringing Vegan Grab-and-Go to Tampa Bay.

Tampa Locations: South Tampa

Menu: Varies.

Check Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Must-Try Items: Jerk Fried Rice, Chia Pudding

Dine-in or grab something to take home for later. Pure Kitchen makes “meal prep” easy—let them prepare the meals and you can come in to stock up on your favorites. There’s never any question about an item’s freshness. Each day’s meals are packaged, dated, and stored in the grab-and-go fridge. You can even set up weekly meal delivery within the local area. Menu items vary daily but are posted on Pure Kitchen’s social media.

Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!


7) Fresh Bites

Family-owned Mediterranean Fare

Tampa Locations: Westchase

Must-Try Items: Lamb Kabab, Vegetarian Plate

Samir and Anissa Khalife opened Fresh Bites in 2012 as a way to bring clean, organic meals to the community. Every item on the menú is prepared with an authentic family touch, from kabab to baklava. Their meats are sourced from highly prestigious ranches and produce is local whenever possible.

8) Farmacy Vegan Kitchen & Bakery

Healthy, Delicious Meals and Baked Goods—In the Heart of Downtown Tampa”

Tampa Locations: Downtown Tampa

Must-Try Items: Acai 101, Almond Berry Waffles

This plant-based, quick-service restaurant has options diverse enough to please even the meat-eating customers. Their dishes fill the spectrum from hearty selections like the Impossible Philly to smoothies and lighter fare. The Florida natives behind this establishment are committed to “clean, conscious living.” They even serve their food in eco-friendly cardboard boats, rather than Styrofoam or plastic containers.


Don’t Overpay for Airport Parking Tampa.

TPA Airport Parking Horrors & How To Avoid Them


9) Open Fire Grilled Brazilian

They “Bring the Brazilian Experience to You!”

Tampa Locations: Citrus Park Bike Shop + Food Truck Events

Must-Try Items: Filet Mignon Skewer, Grilled Plantains

Each meal is made to order, made with meat cut daily and served right off the grill. Each plate features traditional Brazillian sides: white rice, black beans, mixed vegetables, and grilled sweet potatoes. You can even call ahead to have your order ready when you arrive. The truck’s home turf is located conveniently near the Citrus Park Mall and Upper Tampa Bay Trail. This location makes it easy to grab a healthy bite on the go after a run or bike ride.

10) Noodle Kitchen and Market

Inspiring Others to “Eat Fresh Every Day”

Tampa Locations: SoHo

Must-Try Items: Thai Curry Bowl, Bone Broth

Noodle Kitchen offers a wide range of healthy foods and sauces to curb your cravings. You can even take home your favorite noodles and sauces from the Market. Build your bowl from one of five different varieties—Original, Soup, Curry, Pad Thai, or “Kale Yeah.” There is also a “Mini” option available during lunch hours. Arrange your base, noodles, protein, and toppers into your favorite pairings. The options are nearly endless!

Start Planning Your Tampa Foodie Tour Today

All of these restaurants offer something unique. With so many options you could literally eat for days and still not experience all of Tampa’s culinary creations. We also understand that you can have too much of a good thing.

Need to take a break from your foodie tour?

Walk it off at the Tampa Riverwalk.

No Tampa trip is complete without a walk in the park.

Experience the thrill of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

You won’t have to worry about a dinner reservation, but you will need one for your party bus rental. Limousine service can book out quickly. Once you pick your travel dates, securing your limo transportation is next on the list.

How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa

At Network Transportation, we’re committed to getting you where you need to go—whenever or wherever that may be. We work hard to ensure the best experience for every client.

You pick the destination. Let us provide the limo transportation.


Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Anyone Can Travel in Luxury With Limo Rental Tampa

Do you feel like limo transportation is only for the A-list?

Well, think again!

Anyone can travel in luxury with limo rental Tampa. Reserving luxury ground transportation guarantees you safe, reliable transportation for any occasion.

What Makes Limo Rental Tampa The Best Local Transportation?

Let’s look at a few reasons why it is better to rent limousine cars than a rental car, a taxi, or a driver from a ride-sharing service, such as Lyft or Uber.

Rental Cars are Expensive and Inconvenient

How can any service with so much red tape really be convenient? First of all, the price that you pay isn’t just for the vehicle. You also have to pay fuel and mileage charges, insurance, and possibly even other fees. Plus, if the car isn’t returned to the original rental location, these rental car companies charge even more.

It’s hard to enjoy your beach trip when you’re worried about not getting sand in the rental car. Before you return the vehicle, you’ll have to clean it yourself. That’s because if you return it with sand or debris inside, you could again be charged additional fees. If your destinations require parking in paid lots, you have to foot the bill for that, too.


TPA Airport Parking Horrors & How To Avoid Them


You’ll also have to deal with traffic and, if you are new to the area or visiting Tampa, finding your way around could be difficult. After finally finding a parking place, you may have a long walk to your destination. After the party’s over, you’ll then have to retrace your steps back to the car. This can be very inconvenient, especially if you are taking a long walk on the beach, strolling along the Tampa Riverwalk, or hitting different nighttime hotspots during an evening out with friends.

Remember that if you’re planning on drinking during your night out, you’ll need a designated driver. Since you’re required to list all drivers on the rental application, taking the rental car may not even be an option for your night on the town. In that case, you’ll still need to pay for a ride home, even after paying to rent your own transportation.


Taxis and Ride-Sharing Aren’t Always Reliable

It can be difficult to book a taxi or hail one on the street. Often, taxicabs are not very clean and you may not be very thrilled with the driver’s attire or grooming, either. You never know what to expect with a taxi, except high prices.

First of all, there’s the base cab fare. On top of this, you’ll rack up charges based on mileage, which can vary depending on which route your driver takes. When you’re in a new city, you have no way to know the fastest or shortest ways to your destinations. Cab drivers may even take advantage of this. Sadly, taking the scenic route could be used as a way to get more money from tourists.


Tampa Uber, Lyft, & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?


Lyft and Uber can also be pricey. Again, you never know who your driver may be or even the safety of their vehicle. Although these apps give you the name and photo of your driver, you don’t have access to their driving records or any chance to meet them beforehand. You are notified of the car’s make, color, and model ahead of time, which helps to make sure that you see your driver approaching. However, if it is a common make and color, you could be stepping into the wrong vehicle.

Cab and rideshare app drivers don’t receive the same level of training as a chauffeur and their vehicles can be over 10 years old. There is no promise that the car will be comfortable or clean, as these drivers switch passengers quickly. In addition, drivers may cancel pickups due to traffic or if they decide to quit for the day. 


Choose A Reliable Ride For Timely Transportation

Not all methods of transportation are created equal. With taxicabs and phone-app drivers, what you often get is a disappointing experience with major headaches along the way. In today’s world, limo rental is a practical solution to your ground transportation needs. In fact, many private transportation companies also provide sedans like Town Cars for black car service. Limo transportation is more common than you might think.

Airport Shuttle Service

Whether you’re arriving or departing, timing is critical. An unreliable transportation service might leave you waiting for a ride when you’re already exhausted after a long flight. Worse yet, you could miss your flight entirely if your driver is late or gets stuck in traffic.

When you book an airport shuttle with a limousine service, you can always depend on your chauffeur for timeliness. In addition, your chauffeur should be well groomed, don a fresh uniform, and offer a warm greeting. He or she will assist with your luggage and can even act as your personal concierge. Forget fighting with Tampa airport parking or traffic. Instead, you can kick back and relax with a professional at the wheel.

Business Event Transportation and Corporate Travel

If you are a business owner or company representative, what better way to make a great first impression than arriving in a classic stretch limousine. Elegant sedans are great for single passengers, but there are even limousine cars designed with more travelers in mind

If you’re heading to a conference or meeting with colleagues, you may consider a Tampa party bus. Executive vans are high-capacity vehicles with seating for everyone in the office. Don’t get discouraged if you work for a large company. Motorcoach vehicles provide a safe, reliable party bus rental option for around 50 passengers.

Once your corporate travel arrangements are in place, you can relax. Another perk to choosing limousine cars is that most have enough space and technological connectivity that you can even finish that presentation you’ve been working on from the backseat!

Why Corporations Hire Luxury Business Travel For Employees


Party Bus Rental

Whether you need special occasion transportation or simply want to take a tour around Tampa’s many attractions, there’s room aboard the party bus for everyone. What a fun and safe way to enjoy a day or night out on the town!

For example, you can book some retail therapy with a shopping party in a bus! There is plenty of storage for all of your shopping bags and no need to fight traffic or parking issues. Your party bus will also alleviate the need for a designated driver if you choose to stop for cocktails along the way.

Wedding Transportation

Let the chauffeur roll out the red carpet, serve you champagne, assist with umbrellas, or even help with your bridal train. You can even design your own limousine wedding package.

A limousine is also perfect for rehearsal parties and, of course, as a classy airport shuttle on the way to your honeymoon. Timing is important on your special day, so don’t leave it to chance. Hiring a professional chauffeur will make sure you get to the church or venue on time.


How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa

Date Night

If you want to treat your spouse or partner to a special night out, treat him or her to a ride in one of Tampa’s top limousine cars. For a great date night idea, consider a stroll down the Tampa Riverwalk. You can stop for dinner along the way and have your chauffeur take you from the restaurant to your favorite movie theater.

Limo transportation is also perfect for the surprise proposal. Visit a restaurant and then tour Tampa’s sights, stopping wherever you want to view the Hillsborough River, the Latin Quarter, or downtown Tampa. It will be a night you will always remember!

Prom Night, Formal Dances, and Other Student Activities

When you think of proms and formal dances, you naturally think about scheduling a limo. Teenagers are often image-conscious and don’t necessarily want their parents to drive them to prom. However, it can be dangerous for students to drive on their own after such parties.

Limousines provide a practical solution to ensuring a safe arrival home at the end of the night. In addition, limousine rentals can also come in handy for other student activities, such as sporting events, private parties, and even study groups.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Trips to the doctor’s office, lab tests, outpatient surgery, dental procedures, physical therapy, or treatment centers are always handled professionally and discretely. Door-to-door assistance is available as necessary and multiple stops are no problem with this service.


Chose The Best Source For Limo Rental Tampa And More

At Network Transportation Solutions, we are proud to offer our neighbors in the Tampa Bay area with affordable luxury ground transportation for private events, wedding transportation, TPA airport shuttle service, and business event transportation. Head over to our website to learn more about our services and learn which ones are right for your travel needs.

Our chauffeurs are very familiar with Tampa and the surrounding areas. As such, they are highly knowledgeable when it comes to area roads and knowing which high-traffic areas to avoid. There is no need to worry about finding your way around a new area. You can sit back, relax, and ride in comfort!


Written By: Ryan Lubin

What If Santa’s Sleigh Was A Stretch Limousine?

Santa has made his yearly trip around the world, delivering presents to all of the good little boys and girls.

Did you see his sleigh and reindeer before they headed back to the North Pole?

Here in Tampa, we don’t get much winter weather. Without the ice and snow, Santa’s sleigh and reindeer might look a little out of place next to our sand and palm trees. So, we wondered, what if Santa ditched his usual ride for a stretch limousine to deliver presents in Tampa Bay?


Imagine Christmas In Santa’s Stretch Limousine

Tampa’s year-round sunny weather makes typical winter wonderland scenes a little hard to imagine. It’s too warm to go dashing through the snow, so why does Santa need his open sleigh? He might be more comfortable traveling our city’s streets and attending Tampa events in one of today’s luxurious limousine cars.

Stay Cool In A Private Car

Limo transportation as a lot of perks. For instance, let’s start with temperature controls. Santa’s sleigh is open, which means he gets all that cold night air blowing in his face as he flies around the world. In places where it’s not cold outside, St. Nick might not be so jolly while he’s sweating in that fluffy red suit.

Today’s limousine cars are fully enclosed, so he won’t have to worry about losing his hat to the wind whipping through his hair. No matter whether it’s hot or cold outside he can set the temperature wherever he likes inside the limo.


Limo Transportation: The Secret To A Holly Jolly Christmas


In addition, he can hear his favorite Christmas tunes much better through the car’s premium sound system. He could even bring along his favorite CDs or upgrade to a party bus rental for a holly jolly Christmas karaoke session.

The dark-tinted privacy glass that comes standard on our luxury cars does double-duty as it will keep Santa from getting recognized as his chauffeur takes him on the most efficient delivery route.

Even Kris Kringle enjoys a good Christmas light tour! However, those lights are little hard to see when you’re flying high above the city. Santa’s stretch limousine can take him right to the heart of the holiday decoration action.


Give Rudolph The Day Off

Many people think that Santa and his reindeer only work one night each year. The truth is, however, that that work hard all year long to make sure that everyone has a Merry Christmas when the time comes. Santa’s trip around the world is just one night of corporate travel that marks a whole year’s worth of hard work.


Why Corporations Hire Luxury Business Travel For Employees


If Santa booked his business event transportation through an affordable limousine service, Rudolph and the other reindeer could enjoy Christmas at home with their families, for once. However, they may want to come along, too. Imagine the reindeer taking a holiday vacation or Christmas cruise!


Seating For All Of The Elves

If you’re thinking that Santa could never do Christmas with his reindeer and sleigh, we’ve got another idea. There is enough horsepower in a luxury limousine to make up for some of the lack of reindeer power. The elves can make up the difference with a little bit of their Christmas magic.

With a stretch limousine or party bus rental, there is plenty of seating for the elves to ride along and help with deliveries. In fact, with so much plush limo seating, Mrs. Claus could even get a chance to ride along, too!

With a reliable chauffeur behind the wheel, Santa would be free to enjoy a relaxing night of luxurious corporate travel. He could even snuggle up to enjoy cookies and a glass of milk from the onboard snack and beverage station.


Room For Everyone’s Presents

A stretch limousine has plenty of storage space so Santa can bring along his magic bag of gifts. If his nice list is exceptionally long, though, he may need to change his reservation to a Christmas party bus.


Oh, The Possibilities With A Party Bus!


Our limo bus options range from executive Sprinter vans to giant 56-passenger motor coach vehicles. When word gets around that Santa is delivering presents with luxury ground transportation, the whole North Pole will want to ride along. With our fleet, Network Transportation can get Santa the right vehicle for him and all of his helpers.


Tampa’s Best Source For Limo Transportation

We may not have a sleigh or reindeer, but we do have the best limousine cars! Network Transportation Solutions maintains a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles from classic sedans to huge motor coach options.

Unless you have Santa’s sleigh, you’ll need a need to book a flight to take to the skies. Forget paying exorbitant prices for Tampa airport parking! Our TPA airport shuttle service saves you time and money. We’ll get to you your departing flight on-time, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your car in the Tampa airport parking lot while you’re away.


How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa


Even if you’re not flying, you can enjoy the comforts of our luxury ground transportation to your Tampa Bay destination. Our services are available year-round for private events, corporate travel, holiday parties and more.

Visit our website to learn which of our vehicles and services are best for your next event or travel experience.

Click Here To Book Your Limo Rental Tampa Style!


Written By: Amber M. Smith

Instagram / Medium/ Website

Extend The Holiday Season: Enjoy The Best Tampa Christmas Light Tours in Luxury

Many of the best Tampa Christmas light tours stay open well past Christmas Day. If you’re still looking for some Christmas spirit, check out some of these holiday displays. Now that the bulk of the holiday traffic has been through these attractions, you may even get a better view!


Tampa Christmas Light Tours For After-Holiday Drives

For those who love Christmas lights but want to avoid the crowds, sometimes waiting until after the big day works out for the best. These holiday hot spots are still open through late December or early January, so you still have time to check out some Tampa Christmas light tours.


The Wonderland of Lights & Santa’s Village

Open Through December 29

In addition to a fantastic light show, The Wonderland of Lights is a full holiday theme park! Here you can drive through the mile-long Tampa Christmas lights tours before visiting with Santa. Check out the circus attractions, live animal exhibits, and even take a ride on a camel’s back. You’ve never seen Christmas done quite like this.

For the first time, this year’s ticket options allow you to visit Santa’s Village or the light display individually. To save time, you can even book your tickets online


TPA Airport Parking Horrors & How To Avoid Them


Holiday Lights In The Gardens

Open Through December 30

Family-friendly holiday entertainment is at it’s finest in the Florida Botanical Gardens. Prepare to be dazzled by over a million LED lights arranged in holiday and nature-themed displays. Refreshements will be available and the shops will be open to purchase souvenirs or last-minute gifts.

There is no admission fee, but $5 donations are encouraged.

Holiday Lights At Largo Central Park

Open Through December 30

The City of Largo maintains this seasonal event through New Year’s Day every year. This display’s two million shimmering Christmas lights look even more amazing from atop the park’s seven-story Ferris Wheel! Even the carousel is open for rides. Make memories with the whole family at this fun holiday event.

Although park admission is free, there is a $5 entry fee for each amusement ride.

The Lights Of Lake Park

Open Through December 31

The beautiful neighborhoods of Lake Park Estates, Wieker, Lakeside Estates, and Lake Seminole Village present a 3.2-mile-long route of elaborately decorated homes. This has been one of the area’s most cherished Tampa Christmas lights tours since its creation in 1993. That year, area residents careated the light display to honor the life of their neighbor, Ruby Dow, and the great care she received from Suncoast Hospice.

There is no fee to drive the route, but along the way is a cart where visitors can make donations to Suncoast Hospice. You can learn more about the annual event and how to get involved at the event’s webpage.


Symphony In Lights

Open Through December 31

This year marks the 10th Annual Symphony in Lights at the Shops at Wiregrass. However, this isn’t just another lights display. The Symphony in Lights features a spectacular light show choreographed to the magical sounds of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and accompanied by snow.

The show will take place rain or shine but there may not be snow if the weather is poor.


Oh, The Possibilities With A Party Bus!


St. Pete Waterfront Lights and Display

Open Through January 1

As if walking along the waterfront wasn’t beautiful enough, now you can stroll along by the light of holiday lights. You won’t want to miss the giant greeting card display at Vinoy Park. These cards were made by local teenagers at recreation centers in St. Petersburg.

In addition, when you get down to Albert Whitted Park, you can even go ice skating! The rink will be open through January 7. However, hours vary, so check the event web page for more information. 


Oakdale Christmas House

Open Through January 3

One of the nation’s best Christmas diplays is located right here in Tampa Bay. In addition to being literally one of the best and brightest, this holiday display also has one of the longest running seasons. Despite its fame, this display is still free and open to the public.

The Oakdale Christmas House keeps its festive decorations up a few days into the New Year. This is great because more people get to experience these well-renowned Tampa Christmas lights. The display has been featured by local media outlets and also received national media coverage. It has even been featured on HGTV’s All Out Christmas and NBC’s Today Show!


Things to Do in Tampa at Night

While you’re enjoying the Tampa Christmas light tours, you might want to stop off for some last minute holiday shopping or catch a meal at one of the many wonderful restaurants Tampa has to offer. However, no one wants to spoil the evening by fighting with traffic. Let Network Transportation Solutions handle the driving, instead!

Stroll along the Tampa Riverwalk for a beautiful view of downtown Tampa and the holiday lights. If you don’t want to retrace your steps, you can book limo transportation to meet you at a spot along the Hillsborough River. With safe curbside pick-up and drop-off, your chauffeur will ensure your limousine is ready and waiting at the designated location.

December After Dark: Tampa Limousine Adventures

Bring along your favorite holiday music to play on the high-quality sound system in your personal limousine. Remember, your chauffeur is a guaranteed designated driver, so you are free to relax with a cocktail without worrying about your safety or that of your fellow passengers.

Just imagine if everyone could experience the festive lights without worrying about “keeping your eyes on the road.” Limo transportation makes it so that everybody can join in on the fun. While you sit back and enjoy the light shows, warm up from the chilly night air with hot chocolate and holiday snacks, or, if you prefer, a drink bar is also available for your pleasure.


Are Your Family or Friends Flying in for the Holidays?

Surprise your loved ones with the affordable gift of luxury ground transportation! Send them a Tampa airport shuttle after a long flight, and a professionally-trained chauffeur will greet your visitors, assist with their luggage, and drive them to their destination. This is a gift for you, as well, since it eliminates the need for you to fight the busy airport traffic to pick up your family or friends.

If your visiting party consists of two or three passengers, elegant sedans, like Town Cars, are very inviting. For a larger group, a stretch limousine or Tampa party bus is the way to go!

Experience The Tampa Christmas Lights Luxuriously

There are so many amazing light displays this holiday season in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Why not treat the whole family and enjoy the best Tampa Christmas light tours in luxury! You decide which light show tours you want to experience and leave the rest to the professionals. Our chauffeurs are very knowledgeable of the Tampa region and will be glad to plan out the best routes.

How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa

Everyone can enjoy all of the holiday sights and sounds when you rent an affordable stretch limousine or a Tampa party bus. At this time of the year, there are many people out and about, including shoppers, sightseers, and lots of partiers roaming about. This can create traffic nightmares, as well as parking issues. Play it safe with limo rental Tampa and leave the driving to your professional chauffeur!

Network Transporation is based in Tampa Bay, providing affordable luxury ground transportation for holiday events, private parties, weddings, airport shuttle service, business event transportation, corporate travel, and more!

Written By: Ryan Lubin & Amber Smith

Limo Transportation: The Secret To A Holly Jolly Christmas

At this time of the year, things can get really hectic. In much of the country, winter weather can make the roads dangerous. Here in Tampa, we don’t get much of that, but we do get lots of visitors looking to spend Christmas somewhere warmer.

In addition to that, Tampa natives have friends and family flying into TPA airport for holiday visits. Local attractions and shopping centers are bustling with shoppers and holiday partygoers. With all this excitement, sometimes holiday cheer gives way to holiday anxiety. However, limo transportation can be the answer to less stress and chaos in a number of ways.


Could Limo Transportation Be Your Christmas Miracle?

Many people assume that limo transportation is too expensive and lavish, but, comparatively speaking, luxury ground transportation can actually save you time and money. For example, riding with a professional chauffeur means that you don’t have to fight traffic, learn your way around a new city, or search for parking in crowded areas. Instead, you can relax and conserve energy for what’s really important.

We here at Network Transportation want to make sure that you have the happiest holiday season possible. Read on to learn how limousine or chauffeured car service can improve your travel experience. Then, give us a call or head over to our website to make your reservation.


Save Time And Shop In Style

We are only days away from Christmas and a lot of people still have last-minute shopping to do. With the streets full of other shoppers, sightseers, and partiers, traffic is at its peak and parking is a nightmare. Imagine how much time you’d save if only you didn’t have to deal with driving.

When you hire a limousine or car service, you can make that dream a reality! Chauffeurs are pros at navigating crowded roadways. In fact, they know the best routes to avoid much of the traffic altogether! With plentiful limo bus seating, you don’t have to worry about leaving anyone at home. We have limousine cars for any size group.


How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa


For example, large groups can enjoy the holiday cheer with a party bus rental! Bring family or friends along and enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday season without the headache of driving at this time of the year. You can make it a real party on wheels with the spacious interior and premium sound system.

You can even make use of the onboard beverage station to enjoy some seasonal treats like hot chocolate, festive snacks, or a tall glass of eggnog. Plus, the spacious storage area has plenty of room to safely store all of your treasures you find while holiday shopping.

If shopping alone is more your style, you can still enjoy hitting the town in luxury sedans or Town Cars. A smooth ride in a stylish luxury car is a perfect way to alleviate the stress of going from store-to-store or even mall-to-mall. This way, you can concentrate on your gift list instead of fighting back road rage. Furthermore, your chauffeur can drop you off right at the entrance and return for pickup as you exit.


See The Sights, Not Just Traffic Lights

The streets are bustling with people heading to various holiday events this time of year. Play it safe with limo transportation to your destinations. With a professionally-trained chauffeur and personal concierge, you will experience first-class service and dependability, as well as make an impressive entrance.

In addition, there is never a need to argue over who’ll be the designated driver. Instead, you can relax and enjoy your evening knowing you and your companions have comfortable transportation waiting to get you back home safely.


Head For Santa’s Workshop In A Tampa Party Bus


You’d be hard pressed to find a better way to enjoy the festive holiday sights and sounds than from the back of a limousine or party bus. By taking limo transportation, no one is left out of the fun due to having to “keep their eyes on the road.” Our chauffeurs will take you along the best routes to see the most dazzling Christmas lights in Tampa.

If you have special light shows you want to make sure to include, that’s no problem. Simply inform the person making your arrangements and your ideal destinations will be incorporated into the travel plan. You and your family can enjoy holiday beverages and snacks and play your favorite holiday music on the limo’s premium sound system. It’s a great way to treat the whole family to a memorable night.


Make Memories To Remember

Every occasion is a little more special with limo transportation. Whether you want to plan an epic night out with your friends or a special date with your love, Network Transportation has the ultimate transportation solutions.

Find The Perfect Wedding Transportation For Your Winter Wonderland Ceremony

Date Night 

Do you have someone special in mind for a holiday date night? Surprise them with an elegant limousine. You can ensure that your companion will feel very special with limo transportation.

Your date will be impressed by your ability to plan for safety, comfort, and elegance, as well as allowing you to focus on what’s really important — your time together. Your personable and discreet chauffeur will make sure your date is a night to remember.

Ladies’ Night or Guys’ Night Out

If you’re planning a night of partying with friends during the holidays, a stretch limousine or party bus rental is definitely the way to go! With all of the holiday traffic, no one wants to be left behind. Riding together with a chauffeur as the designated driver means less chance of an accident or other driving issues.

With safe curbside drop-off and pick-up, you can take the party from venue to venue without parking problems or other worries. Everyone can enjoy each other’s company throughout the evening, including on the way to your destinations.

Holiday Parties

Celebrate Christmas or ring in the New Year on a party bus. What a fun way to celebrate the holidays! You can even combine the party with a holiday sightseeing tour.

For a little extra flair, decorate the party bus anyway you choose. The party bus interior is beautiful, with its plush seating, customizable party lights, and premium beverage station. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite holiday music to play in the high-quality sound system.

When you party in a bus, there is no clean up afterward and everyone gets home safely. It’s a great alternative to renting an expensive venue or having a holiday party at your home.


Avoid Airport Traffic And Parking Hassles

During the holidays, family and friends often come to visit. However, TPA Airport traffic is even worse than normal during these heavily traveled times. You can take the burden off your visitors after a long flight by scheduling a Tampa Airport Shuttle.


TPA Airport Parking Horrors & How To Avoid Them


A professional chauffeur will meet and greet them at the airport, assist with their luggage, and ensure a safe and comfortable ride to their destination in one of our luxury limousine cars. Reserve a beautiful Town Car or stretch limousine for a small group of passengers, or a party bus for a large group.

This is also a special treat for you, as well, since you won’t have to deal with TPA airport traffic or parking to welcome your guests. Instead, they will be extremely appreciative and impressed with your thoughtfulness and consideration of their needs. Don’t forget to schedule a Tampa Airport Shuttle for their return trip, as well.


Choose Tampa’s Best Source For Your Transportation Solutions

Network Transportation is a Tampa-based company, providing affordable luxury ground transportation for all of your travel needs.

Our services are available for:

Holiday Events & Private Parties,


Airport Shuttle Service,

Business Event Transportation,

Corporate Travel,

Non-Emergency Medical Transport,

And Much More!

You can depend on our reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation for your destinations. Our chauffeurs are very knowledgeable of Tampa and the surrounding areas, so they know which high-traffic areas to avoid. There’s no need to worry about finding your way around a new area. All you have to do it sit back, relax, and ride in comfort!

Call or go online to book your limousine reservation today!


Written By: Ryan Lubin

Last Minute Tips For Your Office’s Tampa Christmas Party

As Christmas gets closer, the streets are busy with shoppers, travelers, and people attending Tampa Christmas parties. With so much going on, it’s easy to feel like the time is just flying too quickly.

If you’re still planning for your office’s Tampa Christmas party, that’s okay! You’ve still got time to make your holiday event one to remember. Follow these tips and everything will go as smoothly as a ride in a new limousine!

Tampa Christmas Party Tips

Whether you’re handling the details or just along for the sleigh ride, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to holiday parties.

Is your Tampa Business Prepared for the Holiday Season?


For Organizers:

If you’ve got the reigns when it comes to this year’s festivities you may feel a little anxiety starting to set in.


Consider Combining Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner, so if you haven’t had your party yet you might feel like you’re running out of time. However, this is definitely not the case.

The holiday season runs from November through early January, so there’s still plenty of time to plan a gathering for the record books. If you don’t have the time or resources to plan your Tampa Christmas party before the actual holiday, don’t panic! There’s no reason why you can’t have an after-Christmas party.

Better yet, think about all of the other holidays also going on during this season. In addition to Christmas, winter holiday celebrations include Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and Day, Three Kings Day, Chinese New Year, and more! With so much to celebrate, you could party all winter long!


Prepare For the Family

Some companies choose to extend holiday party invitations to their employees’ families. As the event organizer, this decision may be up to you or you may need to consult with someone higher up in the company hierarchy. Either way, you should ask employees to RSVP for the event and indicate how many guests will accompany them.

If your company does choose to welcome the families to the party, you need to be prepared for the atmosphere to be a little different. When there will be children present, you will need to plan events to keep them occupied, as well. In addition, if the party is for adults only, you will need to decide whether alcohol is allowed, provided, or prohibited altogether.

Your guests should also influence your menu if dinner will be served. For example, children’s palettes may not be able to handle as many spices as their adult counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your offerings to chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese. Just be sure to have enough options so that everyone can find something.

Break Away from the Office with a Tampa Party Bus


For Employees:

Even though you’re not on the clock, you are still representing the company when it sponsors the event.

Remember That Office Parties Are Business Events

Even if your company’s Tampa Christmas party doesn’t actually take place in the office, remember that you have to work with most of these people every day. That means that although you’re there to have fun, you should also maintain a certain level of professionalism.

But what does that really mean? Basically, you shouldn’t do anything at the company Christmas party that you wouldn’t want to post on the company’s Facebook page. Whether or not photos make it to Facebook it’s irrelevant. The bottom line is to behave responsibly. Avoid making crude jokes or talking about other employee’s or their family members. You never know who’s watching and you wouldn’t want anything to get back to the boss that would give him or her the wrong impression of you.

Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?


Know Your Limits

Everyone has limitations. When you stay out too late, you get tired. If you eat too much, your belly hurts. When you drink too much, you get stupid. The last place that you want to get too drunk is at an office party. No matter how well you get along, no one will look at you the same way once they’re seen you get sloppy.

Furthermore, when you drink, lots of things happen to your mind and body. Alcohol is sometimes called liquid courage for a reason. It lowers your inhibitions, but can also cloud your judgment. You may say or do the wrong things or in front of the wrong person. Play it safe and stick to a two-drink maximum. Unless your tolerance is lower, that it. If so, you should know and set your own limits.

It should go without saying that anytime alcohol is involved, you’ll need a designated driver. Much like you would arrangement business event transportation for corporate travel, you can also arrange limo transportation for your office party. However, before you make your reservation, you may want to check around the office to see if anyone else has a similar idea. If so, you could all chip in for a ride in a Tampa Party Bus!


For Guests:

Families, friends, and members of the community may also get invited to a company’s official Christmas party. If you receive an invitation to one of these events, keep these things in mind.

Be Sure To RSVP

This acronym is pretty commonly understood as-is, but did you know what it stands for? It’s French and when spelled out reads répondez s’ilvous plaît. This translates to “please respond” in English, but most people prefer to use the letters RSVP.

When you’re attending an event as someone’s “plus one,” you don’t really have to worry about this step as much. However, if someone invites you to be their guest for an event give them a firm answer as soon as possible. That way they can RSVP for the two of you. Remember that having an accurate headcount is of utmost importance for the event organizer.


Have A Wonderful Time

When you’re someone’s guest to a party, you should feel extra special. You’ll be seeing a side of the company that most don’t get to experience. Go to the party and have a great time, but remember that you may be expected not to talk about some of the things that you see and here.

When you’re attending a company’s private event, its employees may discuss business or company-confidential information. Don’t assume that it’s safe to repeat anything that you overhear before checking with your host, first.

On the flip side of that coin, as their guest, your actions are also a reflection of your host. Therefore, the same rules that apply to employees also apply to you. Be courteous and respectful and all should be well.

How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa


For Everyone: Enjoy The Ride

Everyone wants to make a good impression when heading out for a special event. What better way to arrive in style than to show up in one of Tampa’s best limousine cars?

Network Transportation is your source for limo rental Tampa and so much more! If a stretch limousine isn’t quite your style, you can opt for something more like our luxury Town Cars. For large groups, we even have several limo bus options!

Whether you’re headed for a Tampa Christmas party, date night on the Tampa Riverwalk, or anything in between, let Network Transportation handle the driving. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

Book Your Reliable Ride With Tampa’s Best Luxury Ground Transportation Service.


Written By: Amber M. Smith

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Is your Tampa Business Prepared for the Holiday Season?

“Disruption causes good companies to become great companies. A great company figures out how to deal with the change that happens in their market and turn it into an advantage.” 

Bob Dutkowsky,

Tampa Business Leader (Tech Data Corp.)

For many business owners, preparing for the holiday season is an event unto itself. There’s a reason that many people refer to this time of year as “holiday season” rather than simply saying “Christmastime.” That’s because your Tampa business is going to see a completely different business pattern in the latter half of the year when compared to the first half.


Enjoy Summer All-Year-Round At The Best Tampa Beaches


Once Halloween is over, people shift their thoughts to Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, it’s no-holds-barred madness as there are several major winter holidays that follow in quick succession. Retail establishments will see an influx of shoppers looking for Hanukkah and Christmas gifts. Restaurants, as well as grocery and package stores, will see an uptick in patrons looking for good holiday meals and spirits. After all of the gifts are opened, it’s time to get ready for the New Year.

So, as you can see, no matter what type of Tampa business you run, it’s time to brace for many more busy days to come.


How To Prepare Your Tampa Business For Holiday Madness

At this time of the season, your business has already seen many busy days. Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone. Christmas is now just around the corner. You may think that it’s about time to let your guard down and return to business-as-usual. Don’t be fooled! Actually, the madness is about to kick into high gear. That’s because last-minute Christmas shoppers are now rushing to check off their holiday to-do lists.

What more can you do to prepare than you’ve already done? Take a look at these tips to see where you and your business stand when it comes to holiday preparation.


Holiday Marketing

If you haven’t already, be sure to advertise special deals during the holiday season. Restaurants may choose to promote holiday catering options. That one is obvious, but other types of business may have to get a little more creative. For example, if your Tampa business is a cleaning service, you’ve got a wonderful opportunity before you. You could run specials for after-party cleanup or pre-holiday gathering deep cleaning.


7 Tampa Suites For The Traveling Business Professional


There are more universal holiday marketing techniques, too. One example that works well is sending out holiday cards or postcards. For existing customers, you will want to thank them for their business and let them know that you appreciate them. You could also send out marketing materials across a target geographic area. These “cold-call” types of notes should simply be fun holiday or New Year’s greetings. Don’t risk turning your recipients off by heavily trying to recruit people into your business who may not have any need for your services.


Increase Visibility

During the Christmas season and into the New Year, there will be tons of business events going on in the community. These could be anything from pop-up fairs to organized holiday parties. If you are able, sponsoring one of these Tampa events will shine a spotlight on your business. If you are unable to host an event on-site at your location, reach out to community event organizers to see if there are any events that are still accepting sponsors.


Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?


Even if you are not able to host or sponsor an event, your business can still make some sort of appearance. For example, you could send a few business representatives to set up a booth advertising your services. These representatives should also stick around to interact with the public during the event. This provides a great opportunity to put a face to your business. When people see someone in the business that they can identify with, they are more likely to trust and use your Tampa business’s services.

Don’t forget to bring some goodies to give away! Some popular options include pens, reusable water bottles, and can or bottle cozies. Just be sure that your freebies have your business’s name and contact info on them!


Service With A Smile

Serving your customer base takes on a whole new meaning during the holidays.  Throughout the year, you always want to do your best to meet your clients’ and customers’ needs. However, these needs are a little different around Christmastime.

Keep in mind that this is the busiest time of the year, not just for your business but for individuals, too. As such, people may be behaving differently during this season. Tensions run high with heavy traffic on the roads. As Christmas gets closer, shoppers will only become more anxious as they stress over finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Even something so simple as the cooler temperatures can make some folks grumpy when they have to go outside.

As such, it is important to keep a level head at work. Be mindful that helping anxious or stressed out patrons will require much more patience and understanding. Your customers and clients are coming to you to acquire goods or services. The last thing that they want to see is someone who seems like they don’t want to be at work.


Take Care Of Your Own

It is imperative that morale stay high, no matter whether you work in an office, a lab, a restaurant, or a retail establishment. When morale suffers, so does your business’s productivity. However, this isn’t just about profit.

Employees who feel valued are not just more productive. They are also happier and healthier in the long run. On the other hand, overworked employees have higher stress levels and are more likely to get sick. Therefore, it is in your company’s best interests to take care of its employees.


Does a Business Professional Need Work Friends?


What does this mean, practice? There is a time for seriousness, but also time to have a little fun. Something as simple as allowing employees to break dress code for an Ugly Sweater Day makes a huge difference. Try to allow your employees a little extra time off during the holiday period. Remember, they also have families to spend time with and gift shopping to take care of, all while maintaining the same work hours.

If possible, considering closing up early some days. Market research has even shown that consumers view businesses that close on major holidays more favorably than those that don’t.


Getting Around

One of the biggest issues during the holidays is traveling. It’s not just major travel plans that get hectic. While the weather may ground flights, it can also make the roads more dangerous. Don’t think that just because you run a Tampa business that you are immune from winter weather woes.

For example, consider your incoming product or supply shipments. Icy roads or grounded flights can delay your shipment if your cargo is in one of the delayed vehicles. For locations, like Tampa, that don’t see much winter weather, there is still the matter of increased road traffic. People are traveling into and out of town to visit family and friends. With more visitors in town, keep in mind that there are now many people on the roads that are unfamiliar with the area. This accounts for many accidents around the holidays.

Don’t try to tough it out alone when it comes to traveling. Relax and leave the driving to the professionals.

At Network Transportation, we have the perfect luxury vehicles to fit your needs. If you have friends or family flying into town, send our TPA Airport Shuttle services to collect your visitors and bring them safely to you.

Sometimes business travel is necessary during the holidays. Forget the hassles of driving yourself. When you hire a professional chauffeur, you don’t have to worry about traffic, parking, or even watching the road. Plus, booking your reservation early will give you the peace of mind that comes with marking something off on your to-do list.

Furthermore, when you book a limousine or black car service from Network Transportation, you’re also supporting a local business. We are proud to serve the Tampa Bay area and provide our neighbors with safe, reliable luxury ground transportation services.

Searching For “Car Service Near Me” Can Be Risky.

Click Here For Luxury Car And Limo Rental Tampa Bay Can Trust!


Written By: Amber M. Smith

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December After Dark: Tampa Limousine Adventures

Whether you’re planning a night out on the town with friends or an evening of family fun, these Tampa limousine adventures will be sure to spice up your night.

Around this time of year, there are even more events to enjoy. In addition to concerts and other year-round Tampa events, December brings festivities for Christmas and other holidays.

However, with more group activities come questions about event transportation. Experience the joys of the season with the whole family in a stretch limousine or hit the town with your friends in a Tampa party bus. We have listed some of the December highlights that you won’t want to miss!

Need Ideas For Your Limousine Adventures?

Check Out These Tampa Events!

Enjoy a night on the town in some of Tampa’s hottest neighborhoods and party spots.

Ybor City

Tampa Bay’s National Historic Landmark District

Located just northeast of Downtown Tampa, you’ll find the part of town where the beautiful historic scenery meets the excitement of modern times.

The Ybor City State Museum has a unique location inside bakery dating back to the 1920s. It features exhibits focused on the cigar industry as well as the area’s immigrant communities. Tour the narrow brick streets and architecture reminiscent of the 1800s.

You won’t see many other places where shopkeepers open their storefronts while locals relax on balconies above. This is a city within a city that you don’t want to miss.

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Cadillac Escalade: 2018 Makes 20 Years On The Market

For a night full of entertainment, head to Centro Ybor on 8th Street. There is no shortage of event venues, local hangouts, or family fun spots.

Be sure to stop by some of these spots during your time in Tampa.

  • The Tampa Improv,
  • Gametime Entertainment Center,
  • AMC Classic Cinema,
  • Dozens of restaurants and bars,
  • Coffee shops,
  • & Brewpubs with beautiful outdoor patios.

After a full day of exploring, you’ll surely want to rest your feet. Relax in style and comfort with luxury ground transportation from Tampa’s best limousine and car service.

Network Transportation provides a diverse fleet so you can choose the right vehicle for your group. For example, solo travelers and small groups can ride in a luxurious sedan or SUV. However, larger groups may prefer to ride in a classic stretch limousine or Tampa party bus rather than reserving multiple Town Cars.

Ferg’s Live

Open Saturdays, Sundays, Amalie Arena event days, and for private events

490 Channelside Drive

Tampa, FL 33602

Liven up your night at this popular venue. Although Ferg’s Live is only open on select nights, there’s always a party going on when the doors are open. Here you and your adventuring buddies can watch live sports broadcasts and concerts while you enjoy great food and drinks.

You may even discover your new favorite band during Friday Night Live. At these special Friday night events, local bands get to show off their raw talents. If you love to dance and make new friends, this is the place to be!

Party responsibly as you explore Tampa and the surrounding areas.
Remember that anytime alcohol is involved, you’ll need a designated driver. Luckily for you, Tampa has a trusted local source for chauffeured car service – Network Transportation!

Our chauffeurs provide stylish, discreet transportation services for your safety. We’ll even pick you up at home or your hotel so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car in a parking lot overnight.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Tampa

5223 Orient Road

Tampa, FL 33610

For entertainment that rocks 24/7/365, Tampa’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one hot spot that you won’t want to miss!

Try your hand at:

  • Thousands of slot machines,
  • Over 100 table games,
  • More than 40 high stakes poker tables,
  • And many more adults-only casino games.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even plan a whole “night out” without even leaving the premises!

Enjoy a full night of fun at the Hotel’s five restaurants, three lounges, and various entertainment areas. Of course, there is also the classic Hard Rock Café. However, this Hard Rock location has way more to offer for virtually limitless entertainment with a “Hard Rock Touch.”w

Tampa Theatre

Box Office Opens at 10 AM

Admission: Varies by show and showtime

711 N. Franklin Street

Tampa, FL 33602

This majestic movie palace was built in 1926 and has been called “One of the Most Spectacular Theaters in the World.” The
recently restored historic landmark hosts over 600 events a year.

Under a realistic-looking night sky, twinkling stars and all, you will enjoy world-class entertainment in a romantic Mediterranean-style courtyard. The architecture even features old-world statues, flowers, and gargoyles.

Wondering what types of events you catch at the Tampa Theater?

Stop by for a chance to see:

  • Classic movies,
  • Contemporary films,
  • Live concerts,
  • Educational programs,
  • Tours, and more!

On select weekdays, the theatre presents its “Pause” Happy Hour from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Admission is free with drinks and specials available for purchase. Check the Theatre’s website for a list of upcoming events.

Head For Santa’s Workshop In A Tampa Party Bus

Looking For A Little Christmas Cheer? Stop By These Holiday Hotspots!

Christmas Lane

From Now – December 23, 2018

Thursdays – Sundays, 6-10 PM

Ticket Prices:
$5, Ages 13+
$3, Ages 4-12
Free, Ages 3 or younger

Strawberry Festival Grounds

2508 West Oak Avenue

Plant City, FL 33563

Christmas Lane is a sight to behold, with over 100 Christmas trees and larger-than-life decorations with more than 1.5 million lights.

There will be live entertainment and fun activities for all ages, including:

  • Fritzy Brothers One Man Circus,
  • KidZone with a Lego station,
  • Living Nativity scenes,
  • Holiday rides,
  • Visits from Santa, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, and the elves,
  • Concession areas for food and drinks.

With all of these holiday-themed festivities, spending some time here will get everyone into the Christmas Spirit!

Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!

18th Annual Holiday Lights in the Garden

From Now – December 30, 2018

Multiple Shows Nightly, 5:30-9:30 PM

$5.00 Donation Requested for Ages 13 and Up

Florida Botanical Gardens

12520 Ulmerton Road

Largo, FL 33774

The Florida Botanical GardensFoundation and Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources Department are holding their 18th Annual Holiday Lights in the Garden celebration.

More than 1 million twinkling, colored LED lights of all sizes and shapes will be on display for your viewing pleasure. With the new Wetlands Walkway open, this year will include expanded pathways and new displays. Santa Claus will be visiting regularly until December 23 when he has to return to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas Eve.

There will be loads of fun, food, drinks, and desserts available throughout the event. Be sure to stop by the Botanical Bounty Gift Cart and Gift Shop for all types of seasonal gifts and décor.

In addition, there will be nightly entertainment performed by local talent. A list of acts will be available in the event’s weekly Play Bill.

See the Sights in Luxury This Season

Make this holiday season a little more magical.
Give your friends and family the gift of limousine service!

Visit our website to see how Network Transportation can meet your travel needs. With our diverse fleet, we’ve got the best limousine cars and luxury vehicles for any group or event.

With our Tampa party bus rental options, there is room for everyone! Whether you’re out shopping or visiting Santa to see who made the Nice and Naughty lists, there’s plenty of seating and cargo space for the ride.

Forget battling traffic and paying premium parking prices. Our professional chauffeurs can handle your transportation to any destination.

Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?

With our Meet and Greet Airport Shuttle services, your chauffeur will be ready to assist with your luggage so that you can rest after your flight.

You can rely on Network Transportation for a safe, reliable ride every time. Our chauffeurs are very knowledgeable of Tampa and the surrounding areas, so they are well aware of which high-traffic areas to avoid. As such, don’t worry about trying to find your way around a new area.

Book your ride with Tampa’s top transportation service today!

Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday sights and sounds in comfort!



Written By: Ryan Lubin

Head For Santa’s Workshop In A Tampa Party Bus

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Old St. Nick is taking a break from the cold winter weather to enjoy a bit of Tampa’s beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Join in the fun and visit with Santa before he heads back to the North Pole.

Are Your Friends And Family Flying In For The Holidays?

Don’t Wait! Book Their TPA Airport Shuttle Today.

You may not have a sleigh like the jolly old man’s, but you can load your family and friends aboard a Tampa party bus. When you party in a bus, there is room for everyone to ride. In addition to the plentiful seating, there’s also plenty of storage space in case Santa sends a few gifts home early. You can even decorate the party bus as your own personal winter wonderland for this festive occasion.

Investigate These Santa Sightings In A Tampa Party Bus

Visits with Santa are some of this season’s top Tampa, Florida attractions. Check out this list for some of the top spots to catch a glimpse of Kris Kringle and his merry band of elves. 

TPA Airport Parking Horrors & How To Avoid Them

Santa’s Flight Academy

November 8 – December 24, 2018

Monday – Saturday 10 AM,

Sunday 11 AM

Admission: Free

International Plaza and Bay Street

2223 N. Westshore Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33607

Get into the Christmas spirit at Santa’s Flight Academy! At the Academy, children can earn their personalized Cadet Badge as an official member of Santa’s flight crew. You can even create your child’s Cadet Badge online in advance and simply print it out on-site.

Cadets will have the chance to try on a virtual flight suit and get to know Santa’s elves while they learn to fly Santa’s sleigh. Parents and children alike will enjoy the festive Christmas lights and décor. In addition, Santa has brought a Tampa Christmas miracle! Snow will fall at the Flight Academy through the end of December.

To preserve these precious memories, various photo packages are available for purchase. No reservation is required to visit Santa. However, you can reserve a time slot and purchase your choice of photo packages in advance. Making a reservation allows you to skip the line and go right to Santa’s Express Lane.

Santa’s Holiday Brunch Cruises

December 15, 16, 22, & 23, 2018

11:30 AM

Admission: Adults $49.95, Children $39.95

+ $2.00 Marine Fee & Tax

Yacht Starship Cruises and Events

603 Channelside Drive

Tampa, FL 33602

Enjoy Christmas spirit on the water on this 2-hour cruise with Santa Claus! This festive affair features a brunch buffet, photos with Santa, and even Dickens Carolers!

At the same time, there will be other activities aboard the party ship, such as dancing with live DJ entertainment, a cash bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks. For a more intimate experience, you can even enjoy some family time by reserving a private table.

The buffet offers breakfast and lunch favorites alongside a fruit salad, international cheese platters, garden salads, and fresh baked goods.

Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa

November 17, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Nightly, See Event Page For Full Details

Admission: Included With Park Admission

Park Admission: $112.34 For Ages 3+

Busch Gardens Tampa

10165 N. McKinley Dr.

Tampa, FL 33612

Embark on a great holiday adventure for the whole family at Christmas Town! When night falls at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Christmas Town really comes alive with millions of twinkling lights all throughout the park. During your visit, you may even meet your favorite characters from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s Winter Wonderland. Most importantly, no visit to Christmas Town is complete stopping by Santa’s house! 

For more festive fun, catch one of these family-friendly Christmas Shows:

Christmas On Ice: 

  • Watch world-class skaters bring the magic of Christmas to life with this family-favorite figure skating show.

Carol of the Bells Light Show: 

  • Marvel at the tens of thousands of Christmas lights set to seasonal music outside of the Serengeti Overlook Restaurant. 

Christmas Town Band: 

  • Enjoy classic Christmastime music with a jazzy twist on the Zagora Patio.

Looking For More Things To Do In Tampa Bay This Season?

Have Fun In The Winter Sun With These Tampa Events

Christmas From the Heart: 

  • Enjoy contemporary Christian gospel music celebrating the Christmas season at the Stanleyville Theater.

Three Kings Journey: 

  • This musical performance recreates the Biblical Christmas story of the three wise men and their journey to Bethlehem.

Elmo’s Christmas Wish:

  • Join your favorite Sesame Street characters on a journey to discover the meaning of Christmas.

Before you go, take advantage of the great photo opportunities at the new Congo-Stanleyville Walkway and light tunnel. In addition to the festivities, you can fully immerse yourself in the holiday scene with seasonal dining, treats, and beverages throughout your visit.

Christmas Lane

Thursdays – Sundays and Christmas Eve

November 24 – December 24, 2018

6 PM

Admission: Adults – $5, 4-12 – $3, Ages 3 and under – Free

Florida Strawberry Festival Grounds

2508 West Oak Avenue

Plant City, FL 33563

Take a festive stroll through Christmas Lane! Here you will experience the beauty of living nativity scenes, more than 100 Christmas trees, over 1.5 million lights, and larger-than-life holiday decorations.

Take professional photos with Santa, but don’t forget to bring your own camera to capture other precious moments. Of course, Santa will be joined by his elves, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph. For more festive fun, stop by the kids’ zone! In addition, food and drink concessions are available for purchase.

Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!

18th Annual Holiday Lights In The Garden

November 23 – December 30, 2018

5:30 PM

Admission: Free, Suggested Donation  – $5

Florida Botanical Gardens

12520 Ulmerton Road

Largo, FL 33774

See the sights, and the Christmas Lights, at the Florida Botanical Gardens: By day, you can experience the beauty of nature with more than 80 acres of lush gardens and the nation’s largest butterfly garden. By night, you can celebrate the holidays with a walk through the same pathways, now lined with over a million twinkling LED lights of all shapes and sizes. 

Nightly live entertainment and dazzling displays will really get you into the holiday mood. Santa will be accepting visitors most nights, through December 23. Enjoy all of the fun activities, savory food, and drinks. You can even pick up the perfect gift at the Botanical Bounty Gift Shop. 

Recreate Santa’s Luxurious Sleigh, On Wheels

You won’t find any reindeer here, but Network Transportation can provide you with Tampa’s best luxury ground transportation services. 

Make this holiday season even more special: Surprise your friends and family with a trip to enjoy the festive sights in a Tampa party bus. Our limo bus options have room for everyone!

We are Tampa’s best local source for affordable limousine service and luxury ground transportation. Our services are available for holiday events, private parties, TPA airport shuttle service, and more!

How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa

Forget battling traffic and paying premium parking prices: After your flight, our chauffeurs will meet and greet you at the airport and even assist with your luggage.

Our fleet has the perfect luxury vehicle for any size group or type of event. Call or visit our website to check out our selection of luxury sedan, stretch limousine, and party bus options.

Call or go online and book your Tampa party bus or limousine reservation today!


Written By: Ryan Lubin

Tampa’s Top Holiday Socials and Business Events

We all know that Tampa offers the best year-round weather and scenery.  However, did you know that our city also hosts some fantastic holiday socials and business events?

Flying Into Tampa For Social Or Business Events?

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Business Events And Socials To Finish The Year With Some Holiday Fun

For business growth, it’s a proven fact that networking is the way to go! Around here, there is no shortage of events that will help expand your connections and promote better business opportunities. With the year almost over, it is more important than ever to capitalize on these events.


Tampa Business Club’s Holiday Party and Networking Bash

Thursday, December 13, 2018

7 PM

Tickets: $29.99 and Up

Araliya Event Venue Channel Side

375 South 12th Street

Tampa, FL 33602

Business owners and representatives across all industries are invited to join in on a wonderful evening of “celebrating new connections.” One of the area’s biggest names on the DJ circuit will provide the evening’s music.

Corporate Travel Facts:

Why Corporations Hire Luxury Business Travel For Employees

Develop friendships, business relationships, and expand your network by connecting with other entrepreneurs and business professionals. Tickets include food and an open bar. This is Tampa Business Club’s last networking opportunity this year, so you don’t want to miss it.

Tampa Bay Business Network’s Holiday and Networking Party

Saturday, December 15, 2018

6 PM

Tickets: $50 and Up

The Lucky Dill Westshore

4606 West Boy Scout Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33607

Take part in Tampa Bay Business Network’s (TbBn’s) biggest event of the year!  As an exclusive networking club, TbBn assists members in developing unique marketing skills and knowledge, connecting hundreds of local businesses.

Be Sure To Choose A Reliable Ride.

Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?

This marks TbBn’s third such event, and over 250 local businesses attended their previous ones. What a great opportunity to meet other business owners while expanding your network and customer base! Go ahead and get comfortable in this venue. Going forward, the Lucky Dill in Westshore will become one of TbBn’s monthly networking locations.


Network & Social’s 3rd Annual Toy Drive Social

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

6 PM

Tickets: $10 and Up

The Godfrey Hotel – Dolce Italian

100 W. Kennedy Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33602

Celebrate a special night that effortlessly blends business, networking, and philanthropy. This event is hosted by Network and Social, one of the largest networking organizations in the country.

Throughout the evening, attendees can:

  • Meet other Tampa business professionals. 

Never underestimate the perks of having connections across various industries. For instance, befriending a marketing professional now may save you a ton of work promoting your own business events later.

Want to Make a Great First Impression?

Arrive In Style With Luxury Ground Transportation!

  • Enjoy their favorite drinks during the cocktail reception.

Remember to drink responsibly. Also, make sure that you have a safe, reliable ride home. Rather than waiting to call a last-minute Uber, why not go ahead a book something comfy.

Network Transportation offers stylish, yet discreet, pick up options. For example, choose from luxury sedans like Lincoln Town Cars for singles or couples.

  • Contribute to the Toy Drive.

Do your good deed for the day by bringing a new or gently used toy to donate. Toys collected at this event will be distributed to bring kids in need a bit of Christmas cheer.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to expand your networking capabilities while helping those in need. Reaching over 500,000 professionals, Network and Social can promote the connections you need for your business growth.


Break Away from the Office with a Tampa Party Bus


Tampa Bay Young Professionals’ Holiday Hump Day Social

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

6 PM

Admission: Free

Franklin Manor

912 North Franklin Street

Tampa, FL 33602

This hot holiday gathering is back by popular demand. Young professionals have a great opportunity here to join together to network after work.

Get ready to share stories, make new friends, and relax with like-minded individuals. The Tampa Bay Young Professionals strive to support the local community and build friendships. However, this event is also open to the general public. Everyone will meet on the large, dog-friendly outside patio for this casual event. Therefore, you can come as you are, but receive bonus points if you’re wearing red.


Jingle Mingle Networking Mixer

Thursday, December 20, 2018

5:00 PM

Tickets:  $10 In Advance or $15 On-Site

Caddy’s Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach

9000 West Gulf Blvd.

Treasure Island, FL 33706

Join RGA Network and Treasure Island & Madeira Beach Chamber of Commerce for an evening to remember. Mix, mingle, and celebrate the holiday season with other business professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Businesses grow through networking. As one of the fastest growing networking firms in the country, who is better suited to host this event than RGA Network?

Registration fees for this event cover the costs of one drink and one appetizer for each attendee. Also, bring a door prize to contribute to the raffle and your business will be mentioned at the mixer!


How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa


Make A Great Impression When You Arrive In Style

With the holiday socials and business events, you will want to make a good first impression.

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You’ll save time and money when you hire one of our professional chauffeurs. They know the roads of Tampa and the surrounding areas, as well as which high-traffic areas to avoid. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding your way around a new area.

Don’t get left holding the bag! 

Our Meet and Greet airport services include assistance with your luggage. Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride en route to your business events or socials in comfort and safety.

Got a sudden change of plans? No problem!

Our dispatchers are available 24/7. Give us a call anytime to see if we can send luxury ground transportation to your location. Your chauffeur will offer safe curbside pick-up and drop-off services at each destination.

We’ve got your party covered, from solo travel to large groups.

Our fleet includes luxury sedans, stretch limousines, and even party bus rentals. So, no matter how many passengers accompany you, we’ve got a luxury vehicle with plenty of space.

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Written By: Ryan Lubin

Find The Perfect Wedding Transportation For Your Winter Wonderland Ceremony

With its beautiful weather, glittering lights, and lively festivities, Tampa is the perfect choice for your winter wonderland wedding ceremony.

First of all, there are many potential wedding venues, from simple to extravagant. For example, you could plan an elegant waterfront ceremony on the slow-moving waters of the Hillsborough River or an enchanting beach ceremony on Tampa’s bay shores.

For a more traditional venue, Tampa offers charming churches and chapels, as well as dazzling banquet halls. Looking for something a little different? Consider the famous, historic Rialto Theater.

Flying in for the Big Day?

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Once you’ve picked a venue, it’s time to figure out how you’ll get there. Finding the perfect wedding transportation is another major part of planning your special day. The ride to the bachelor party, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner also require the same attention to detail.

In addition, if you have guests flying into TPA Airport, they will need an airport shuttle service to their hotel. Let’s not forget, after all this planning, you deserve a luxurious ride to the airport on the way to your honeymoon.


Why Do You Need Wedding Transportation?

Planning a wedding calls for serious attention to many important details. You want your special day to be absolutely perfect. Some things you have to plan on your own. However, you can lighten that load a bit when you leave the wedding transportation to the professionals at Network Transportation.

Fall In Love With A Tampa Wedding Car Limo

Keep Your Cool

This tip goes both literally and figuratively. Tampa’s weather is typically warm and sunny. However, it can get chilly at this time of the year, especially in the evening. If you are interested in an outdoor venue, be sure to consider the weather and select proper attire for the evening.

When you ride in one of our state-of-the-art limousine cars, it’s all about comfort. Each one has rear climate controls, so you can keep cool on a warm day or stay warm when it’s cold out. Remember, you’re likely to be feeling pretty toasty if you’re wearing multiple layers, such as a heavy suit jacket. All those fluffy layers make your poofy wedding dress gorgeous, but they also hold on to a lot of heat.

Customize Your Ride

With the holidays approaching, you can get very creative with your decor. What a great way to celebrate the biggest day of your life with holiday colors and lights, along with festive favors and a choice of Tampa’s fresh seafood and other delectable cuisines. 

If you’re thinking, “What does this have to do with wedding transportation?” well, think again. When you rent a limousine or party bus, it’s yours for the day. So, within reason, you can decorate it as you so choose.

For example:

The limo interior is already pretty comfortable, but imagine adding in some soft throw pillows that match your bridesmaids’ dresses. This is only one of the biggest days of your life! We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to have a drink to calm your nerves.

  • If you choose a wedding transportation vehicle with a beverage station, you can stock it with your favorite libations. Just remember to take it easy and drink responsibly, if you do.

Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?

Choose An Epic Getaway Vehicle

It’s your honeymoon, and you can fly if you want to! If you’re traveling to your honeymoon destination from TPA Airport, don’t forget your airport shuttle. 

Here are just a couple of reasons to choose our wedding transportation services:

  • Our chauffeurs really know their way around the Tampa Bay area. They’ll get you to your flight on time and in style.
  • Our fleet features some of the best limousine and luxury car options.

For example: The bride and groom can share an intimate ride in a Cadillac XTS sedan. The bridesmaids and groomsmen can ride to the reception in their own stretch limousine or SUV.

You can depend on Network Transportation to make this the best possible experience. 

Party In Style

If you’re planning a bachelor party or bachelorette party, play it safe with one of our party bus rentals. Anytime alcohol is involved, you need a designated driver.

Our chauffeurs are personable and discreet while providing safe curbside pick up and drop off at each destination. Everyone can have a good time and leave the driving to us.

For small private ceremonies: You may even choose a Tampa party bus as your reception location. Create one-of-a-kind memories with your own tour of places that are special to you and your new spouse. Stops could include your first date, proposal site, or any other location with special meaning to the newly-wedded couple.


How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa

Time Is Of The Essence

Punctuality is important when it comes to weddings. You have rented the wedding venue and reception hall for a limited amount of time. As such, every minute that any part of the service runs late cuts into the time that you’ve planned for something else later.

It’s not just your itinerary that you must consider, either. The caterers, photographers, and other hired services may have other engagements lined up after your ceremony.

  • If your ride is late, you may have to push back your start time. This could cause some of the people that you’re counting on to help out to have to leave early. It’s just not a pretty situation to think about.

Don’t take a chance on a day that’s this important. Make sure that you book a reliable limousine service that you can depend on for timeliness, professionalism, and quality.

Top Choice Tampa Wedding Venues

No matter what you have in mind for your wedding venue, Tampa has the perfect place to meet all of your expectations.

Rusty Pelican Tampa

For a truly elegant waterfront wedding and reception, the Rusty Pelican is the way to go!

Located right on the waters of Tampa Bay, this landmark seafood restaurant offers breathtaking views, delicious food, and a friendly, experienced staff. The beautiful outdoor patio is the picture-perfect place for an outdoor wedding or reception, as well as the large stylish banquet hall with wide open views of the bay.

Gulf Beach Weddings

If it’s a beach wedding you’ve been dreaming of, be sure to check out the Gulf Beach Wedding sites. Tampa’s white sand and warm, gentle blue waters combine with our amazing sunsets make the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

  • They offer many wedding spots that range from secluded nature sanctuaries to popular local beaches. You can make your dream beach wedding vision a reality with Gulf Beach Weddings.

Planning A Bachelor Party Or Bachelorette Party?

Book A Tampa Party Bus For A Safe, Reliable Ride.


Yacht Starship

For a unique wedding and reception experience, you can tie the knot aboard a beautiful wedding yacht. This is Florida’s most popular wedding venue on the water. Customize your décor, themes, and dinner menu. If you need assistance with wedding planning, they also offer experienced coordinators.

  • Dazzle your guests with breathtaking views, exquisite cuisine, great entertainment, and a personable, professional staff. The yachts can accommodate up to 600 guests. 

Rialto Theater

This famous theater mixes the old with the new and even offers something blue!

This beautiful and historic theater is a blend of old brick, painted plaster details, 27-foot ceilings, along with an impressive blue tile façade, and is conveniently located just blocks from the Hillsborough River and the fabulous Riverwalk

Settle For Nothing Less Than The Best Limousine Service

You can depend on Network Transportation to be on time and ready to assist you in every way.

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  • There’s never a need to deal with the hassles of airport parking Tampa or TPA airport traffic, the inconvenience of expensive car rentals, or the stress of finding your way around a new city.

We also provide affordable limousine service for corporate travel and business event transportation. Our services are available for special occasions, such as engagement parties, proms, birthdays and anniversaries, or sporting events. We even offer non-emergency medical transportation.

At Network Transportation, one call covers all of your luxury ground transportation needs.

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Written by: Amber Smith & Ryan Lubin

Not Your Average Tampa Business Events: Networking Edition

It’s easy to get caught up in your work. You may not even realize that it’s happening right away. That is, until you check your calendar one day to find that a whole week blew by in what seemed like just a few days.

If that sounds like your work life lately, well…

It’s time to wake up!

Break the monotony with these unconventional business events. These are all local Tampa events, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep on the road. Unless you want to, that is.

If that’s the case, all you have to do is hire a chauffeur. Then you can nap in the back seat and leave the driving to a professional. That’s what we call a win-win!

Finish Out Your 2018 Calendar With These Business Events

Are you tired of going to business events because you feel like they’re all the same? Well, you’re in luck because nothing about these Tampa events is average.

Does a Business Professional Need Work Friends?


The Gentlemen’s Course Show and Networking Event

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

7 – 9 PM

Admission: Free

Fort Harrison Grand Auditorium

210 S. Fort Harrison Ave.

Clearwater, FL 33756

This is the World Premier event for a new program aimed at preparing the youth to enter the professional world. The free networking event will also include a 30-minute show featuring The Gentlemen’s Course.

The Gentlemen’s Course is a non-profit organization aimed at teaching the area’s youth proper etiquette while educating them about human rights. It was founded by Christopher King, the grandson of the legendary blues musician, B.B. King.

For this event, doors will open at 7 PM. Dinner will be served during the networking session, with the show airing promptly at 8 PM. After that, King will host a Q & A session. In addition, there will also be a photo area available for taking professional pictures.

To see more from The Gentlemen’s Course, follow the organization on Facebook.

Tampa Bay Business Network Holiday & Networking Party

Saturday, December 15, 2018

6 – 8 PM

Admission: $50 + fees

The Lucky Dill Westshore

4606 W. Boy Scout Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33607

This event is touted as the biggest Tampa Bay Business Networking Event of the year. Over 250 local businesses took part in the group’s previous events. If this one follows the same trend, you and your business should get plenty of exposure here.

The Tampa Bay Business Network is a local networking club designed with your network in mind. The organization operates on six core principles that they believe help to “bring value to any business style or trade.” Membership also earns you savings and discounts from participating local businesses.

For more news and events from Tampa Bay Business Network, head over to the group’s Facebook page.

Break Away from the Office with a Tampa Party Bus



Sunday, December 16, 2018

10 – 11:30 AM

Admission: Free

Hyde Park Village

1623 W. Snow Circle

Tampa, FL 33606

Get ready to “Sweat the Stress Away with Startup Sisters USA.” This event pairs networking with a morning workout session for a doubly productive start to your day.

Startup Sisters USA is a community for female entrepreneurs to meet and grow, both personally and professionally. The goals for this event include connecting Tampa’s female entrepreneurs while allowing them to explore new health and wellness opportunities.

The format for this event is broken down into three sessions.

  • Part 1: Networking – Enjoy connecting with other attendees during a fun connecting session.
  • Part 2: Workout – The group will take a morning walk along Bayshore Blvd. You may choose to talk with others along the way or to take a ‘me-moment’ to clear your mind in silence.
  • Part 3: Prizes – Stick around for coffee, raffles, and giveaways afterward.

The meetup will be at Hyde Park Village, near the “Tampa, Tampa, Tampa” sign. Bring your good walking shoes, because this morning stroll will take you on a 2-3 mile loop.

You can check out more Startup Sisters USA events here.

Morning Buzz Networking

Thursday, December 20, 2018

7 – 8:30 AM

Admission: Free

Tampa Club

101 E. Kennedy Blvd., #4200

Tampa, FL 33602

Start your day off in a productive way at this morning meetup, facilitated by Rosie Paulsen Enterprises.

Rosie Paulsen is a multi-talented local Hispanic leader, public speaker, insurance expert, and radio show host. She has a long-standing record helping others grow in their entrepreneurial enterprises. At this event, she brings her brand message of Pure Positive, Inspiring Ideas to network with other local area business professionals over a cup of coffee.

This free event features complimentary coffee, tea, and juice. Breakfast will be available for purchase after the meeting at $8 per person. Start time is listed at 7 AM to give everyone plenty of time for parking and settling in before the meeting starts, promptly, at 7:30 AM.


Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?


Decide to Fly RISE Networking Event

Friday, December 21, 2018

11:30 AM – 1:15 PM

Admission: $20 + fees

Cali Viejo

436 E. Brandon Blvd., 2nd Floor

Brandon, FL 33511

Decide to Fly is a different kind of networking group. This is a group of women who focus on personal development through the lens of Biblical principles.

The community is headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, but is active nationwide. Decide to Fly seeks to empower women in several ways, but mostly through coaching that allows them to bloom on their own.

The four major methods are:

  • An online community with remote coaching
  • Monthly and annual live networking and collaborative events
  • Group coaching meetups
  • One-on-one coaching

At this Tampa meetup, Liz Brewer—one of Decide to Fly’s National Leaders—will lead an inspiring meeting where local women can exchange business ideas and work towards creating their best lives in the new year.

As an added bonus, bring a friend to this event and enter to win a free gift.

Can’t make it to this event? Don’t worry! RISE events take place the third Friday of each month. Follow Brewer on Facebook for more information on her local Tampa events.

I Love Women CEOs Networking & Comedy Show

Thursday, December 27, 2018

5:30 – 8:30 PM

Admission: $37.50 – 42.50 + fees

Improv Comedy Theater

1600 E. 8th Ave., #C-112

Tampa, FL 33605

Are you nervous about meeting new people? Well, get ready to settle in for a few laughs as actress and comedian Cocoa Brown lightens the mood.

The networking portion of this event will take place in a private room upstairs from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Brown will take the stage to perform her comedy show at 8 PM. After that, there will be a meet and greet with Brown. During the after-show meet and greet, you will also have the opportunity to take both group and individual photos with Brown.

There are two ticket options for this event. There is the basic ticket option, which includes entry to both the networking event and comedy show. However, there is also another package that allows you a one-minute time slot to pitch your business in front of the room.

Business Event Transportation:

Your Secret To Making Corporate Travel Simple

For business professionals, traveling often comes with the territory. However, business travel doesn’t have to be boring.

Say no more to wasting time sitting in traffic. Don’t worry about hanging on to all of those gas station receipts, hoping that you remember to attach them to your expense reports. Forget putting wear and tear on your own vehicle. You can even erase “airport parking Tampa” from your search history.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not, thanks to Network Transportation. As your local Tampa limo transportation provider, we provide luxury ground transportation services to meet all of your travel needs.

How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa


Need a ride from TPA Airport? Our Meet & Greet Services feature a professional chauffeur who will be more than happy to help you with your bags after a long flight.

Got an important client heading to your office? It’ll make a great impression when you send one of our luxury limousine cars to pick him or her up for your meeting.

No matter whether you’re into Town Cars or prefer a classic stretch limousine, we’ve got vehicles for every style and budget.

So, what are you waiting for?

Your search for “Car Service Near Me” stops here.

Book your reliable ride with Network Transportation today!


Written By: Amber M. Smith

Instagram / Medium/ Website

Tampa Events to Celebrate the Ho-Ho-Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Tampa is known for its beautiful weather, even into the winter months. This provides a unique opportunity for Tampa events to host winter festivities outdoors. Around this time of year, other parts of the country may be limited to indoor events.

Flying in for the Holidays?

Book your TPA Airport Shuttle today!

Celebrate The Christmas Season At These Holiday-themed Tampa Events

There is so much happening in Tampa Bay this holiday season! For example, we have special Christmas concerts and festivals, as well as a number of parades and light shows. Read on for a sampling of the many Tampa, Florida attractions this season.


Sylvan Ramble Lights’ Annual Christmas Light Show

Every Friday and Saturday in December

Plus December 23-25 and 29-30

Sylvan Ramble Lights

4412 West Sylvan Ramble Street

Tampa, FL 33609

Enjoy this Christmas light show spectacular while listening to a variety of Christmas music, featuring modern favorites as well as traditional hymns. Come to join in the fun and experience the true meaning of Christmas.

The 20-minute Christmas light shows are presented every 30 minutes. However, all show times take place between 7 PM and 9 PM. Admission is free, but donations are accepted. All proceeds benefit a local charity. See the event website for more details.


Oh, The Possibilities With A Party Bus!


19th Annual Holiday Boat Parade on Hillsborough River

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Lowry Park Boat Ramp

1204 West Flora Street

Tampa, FL 33604

This year marks the 19th Annual Holiday Boat Parade, hosted by Friends of the River.  This delightful event is a sight to see. At this parade,  boats covered in Christmas lights make their way along the beautiful Hillsborough River. Come and join in on the holiday fun for the whole family!

For those participating in the parade, check-in is 5:30 PM at the Lowry Park Boat Ramp. There is no entry fee, but Sierra Club waivers must be signed before the event. All participants must wear wristbands and Coast Guard-approved flotation devices.

The parade starts around 5:30 PM. Paddlers will lead, followed by powerboats. In between, Safety and Marine Patrol Boats will help keep the pace. Admission is free, so grab friends and family on the way! Be sure to find a comfy place to watch the floats so by, because the event is scheduled to last until 8:30 PM.

This event is sponsored by c. 1949. Co-sponsors are Tampa Bay Sierra Club’s Outings Program and Friends of the River.

Bonus Event:

Official Holiday Boat Parade After-Party

Immediately Following the Parade

The Brick Patio at c. 1949

6905 N. Orleans Avenue,

Tampa, FL 33604

After the parade, head around the corner from the boat ramp for the official after-party! Of course, the Holiday Beer Bar is for adults only. Remember to party responsibly and arrange for a reliable ride if you’ll be drinking.

In addition to the after party, c. 1949 is also hosting two other events on this date. From 11-3 in the Florida Beer Garden, there is Brunch, Biscuits and Booze Sundays. This boozy brunch event features bottomless mimosas and sake-infused bloody marys.

Later in the evening, you can catch a showing of National Lampoon’s Vacation at Sunday Movie Night.

Have Fun In The Winter Sun With These Tampa Events


Breakfast With Santa

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Maggiano’s Little Italy

203 Westshore Plaza

Tampa, FL 33609

Bring the kids to enjoy a wonderful breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus from 8 – 10 AM. The children can visit with Santa, present their Christmas wish lists, and even get their faces painted.  Bring your camera and get ready to create some very special holiday memories.

The breakfast buffet will include:

  • Scrambled Eggs,
  • Crème Brulee French Toast,
  • Smoked Bacon,
  • Fran’s Homestyle Potatoes,
  • Assorted Pastries/Muffins/Croissants,
  • Turkey/Ham Carving Station,
  • Frittatas,
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Coffee, Tea, Juice, and Soft Drinks.

Admission for adults and children aged 12 and older is $30. For kids aged 2 – 11, admission is $20. Due to space limitations, please make reservations early. Call 813-288-0066 for more information.


Next Generation Ballet’s Nutcracker Holiday Performances

Friday – Sunday, December 21 – 23, 2018

Carol Morsani Hall, Straz Center for the Performing Arts

1010 N. Macinnes Place

Tampa, FL 33602

This classic ballet is always a holiday favorite. Nothing puts you in a festive mood like a sparkling world of dancing sweets, sword-fighting rodents, and world-class famous music.

Principal dancers from the New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet will take you on a Sugar Plum Fairy adventure alongside as well as Next Generation Ballet’s top young dancers. Performances are perfect for all ages. Tickets start at $38 and showtime is 7 PM. Purchase your tickets early, because last year’s performances sold out!


Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!


The Joy of Giving

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Raymond James Stadium

4201 N. Dale Mabry Hwy

Tampa, FL 36607

This is the Bullard Family Foundation‘s 9th annual Tampa Holiday Festival. This event focuses on community bonding, with all sorts of fun activities for children of all ages. This festival is guaranteed to provide a fun-filled holiday celebration for the whole family. The festival hours are from 10:01 AM – 4:01 PM. So, let’s make a day of it!

Admission is free, but registration is required. Remember,  you must have your ticket to enter. You may use your printed ticket or the PDF version. Registration deadline is December 14, 2018.


New Year’s Eve at Bizou

Monday, December 31, 2018

Bizou Brasserie

601 North Florida Avenue

Tampa, FL 33602

Ring in the New Year with the mesmerizing events of Cirque de Bizou! Get ready to be dazzled by incredible illusionists, brave fire acts, LED spinners. Two DJs provide music both inside the lounge and outside on the patio. Preserve your memories in print at the event’s photo booths.

Celebrate NYE from 10 PM – 1 AM and watch the ball drop at midnight from the outdoor patio. However, all attendees must be 21 or older. General admission tickets are $20 each, which includes complimentary champagne after 10 PM.

For early access, join the Dinner and Party at 8 PM or snag a VIP table to get in at 7 PM. Dinner party guests will enjoy access to all food stations as well as complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and champagne. These tickets vary in price and must be reserved in advance.


How To Snag A Top Quality Limo Reservation In Tampa


Give Yourself The Gift Of Luxury Transportation

Make this holiday season special. Enjoy the festive sights with friends and family in a Tampa party bus! When you party in a bus, there is room for everyone to ride together.

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Avoid the hassles of battling traffic and paying premium parking prices.

Our professionally trained chauffeurs will meet and greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and provide you with your own personal concierge. We have a beautiful, up-to-date fleet of luxury sedans, stretch limousines, and party bus rentals to choose from.

At Network Transportation, you can depend on our reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation to your destination. Our chauffeurs are very knowledgeable of Tampa and the surrounding areas. They are highly cognizant of high-traffic areas to avoid. So there’s no need to worry about finding your way around a new area. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday sights and sounds in luxury!

Call or visit us online to schedule your holiday transportation today!


Written By: Ryan Lubin

Have Fun In The Winter Sun With These Tampa Events


What’s the best thing about Florida’s winter?

It doesn’t get very cold, so we get to have fun in the sun for every season!


Get ready to fill your calendar with Tampa events this winter and holiday season. With the warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. So, no matter what type of fun you fancy, you’ll find plenty of unique ways to celebrate the season in Tampa.

Tampa Events For A Winter To Remember

Fun happenings in Tampa this season range from traditional Christmas-time events to outdoor activities that would be nearly impossible in other parts of the country. Let’s take a look at some of the things going on this time of year.


Visit Busch Gardens Tampa

This incredible theme park offers a great family activity with something for everyone. It features six roller coasters, several live shows, and over 2,000 animals. Explore the free-roaming animals on the Serengeti Railway or even hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies at Walkabout Way.

Now through December 31, you can celebrate the holidays with the park’s annual Christmas Town event. Enjoy over 1 million festive lights, beautifully decorated trees, holiday gifts and treats, live performances, and, of course, Old Saint Nick. The celebration starts at 5 PM daily.


Enjoy Summer All-Year-Round At The Best Tampa Beaches


Explore Clearwater Beach

Clearwater’s well-maintained beaches offer a wide range of things to do. In addition to the warm sun and sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy fishing, chartered boat rentals, dolphin watching, and more. You can even meet Winter, the famous dolphin, at Clearwater Aquarium.

Dine at the area’s incredible seafood restaurants before you dance the night away at some of Florida’s best nightclubs. At The Pier in Clearwater, you will find daily events including a sunset celebration, live entertainment, and even a craft fair.


Stroll The Riverwalk And Waterfront

Tampa’s scenic Riverwalk and famous Waterfront offer great ways to explore the city. There you can walk or ride bikes along pathways to popular downtown attractions, such as The Museum of Art, History Center, and other cultural and inspirational sites. The 2.5-mile-long Riverwalk pathway is home to restaurants, shady park benches, and rest stops all along the way.

Looking for something more adventurous? Explore the Hillsborough River, Garrison Channel, or Harbour and Davis islands in a Pirate Water Taxi. You can also get to these by renting a water bike, BiYak, or paddle board. The slow-moving waters of the Hillsborough are perfect for any of these activities.


Restaurants And Recreation Along The Tampa Riverwalk


Tournament Players Club of Tampa

Enjoy a round of golf with the Tournament Players Club of Tampa. The award-winning course was named one of the toughest public golf courses in the region. Experience the ins and outs of wetlands, woodlands, and lakes throughout this beautiful golf course.


Hillsborough River State Park

Experience nature in one of the most popular state parks in Central Florida. This park offers campsites, picnic areas, hiking trails, kayaking, canoeing, and even a public pool. The Hillsborough River cuts through the park and continues on through downtown Tampa, where it meets the Bay. If you love the outdoors, this is the place to be.



Holiday Event Calendar

If you’re looking specifically for some holiday cheer,

you can’t miss these Tampa events!


TPA Airport Parking Horrors And How To Avoid Them


Tampa’s Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Friday, November 30, 2018

6 PM

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa

Tampa’s annual tree-lighting ceremony, hosted by Friends of Tampa Recreation, usually takes place on the first Friday in December.  However, this year it will be the last Friday in November.

Enjoy the countdown to the tree lighting, along with a free movie. Bring the whole family – even the dog! – to enjoy the festive event with excellent views of the river and downtown skyline. Concessions will be available, but remember that glass and alcohol are prohibited.

Also, if you’re bringing your beloved pooch, make sure that dogs are kept on-leash at all times.


Santa Fest & 37th Annual Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 1, 2018

11 AM – 4 PM

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa

Come to enjoy fun for the whole family in Winter Wonderland during Santa Fest at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Santa Fest takes place from noon to 4 PM.

Kids and the young at heart will love taking photos with Santa, playing games, and making their own holiday crafts to take home.

The parade steps off at 11 AM at Morgan and Madison Streets, traveling west on Madison. The route continues north on Ashley Drive, ending at Cass Street. Be aware of road closures due to the parade route.

Parade Tip: For the best view, arrive early to stake out a spot along Madison Street.


Snow On 7th Holiday Parade

 Saturday, December 8, 2018

6-9 PM

7th Avenue, Ybor City

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Tampa’s historic district is hosting its 8th annual Snow on 7th Holiday Parade this year. Participants will include marching bands, live performers, festive floats, and Santa. Snow will fall all along 7th Avenue, between 15th and 17th Streets. Free hot chocolate and cookies will be offered from Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille. Catch the pre-show starting at 6 PM at Centro Ybor before the parade starts at 7 PM.


Tampa Tours You Can Book A Limo Reservation For!


The Straz Center for Performing Arts

The largest performing arts center in the Southeast is right here in Tampa! It features the Florida Orchestra, Opera Tampa, Broadway musicals, comedy shows, and concerts. Throughout the year it even hosts special seasonal events and performances.

This year’s holiday performances include :


Victorian Christmas Stroll

December 1 – 23, 2018

Take the annual Victorian Christmas Stroll from December 1 through 23 at the Henry B. Plant Museum. This charming and festive event showcases 14 rooms with festive decorations, Christmas trees, unique gifts, and antique holiday accessories. There will be plenty to do with games and other activities. In addition, complimentary spiced cider and cookies will be served on the veranda.


Christmas In The Wild

Now – December 30, 2018

Weekends, 4 – 10 PM

Lowry Park Zoo is celebrating Christmas in the Wild every weekend through December 30. The lights and festive decorations will really put you in the holiday mood. Enjoy the zoo animals, Christmas carolers, live performances, seasonal treats and refreshments, and don’t forget to see Santa in the Christmas Lodge. This is the perfect holiday family event.


Winter Village

Now – January 5, 2019

Get into the holiday spirit at Winter Village, located along the downtown Tampa’s riverfront, featuring:

  • An outdoor ice rink,
  • Pop-up market,
  • Café
  • Loads of seasonal food, sights, sounds,
  • And fun activities for the whole family.

This is a great place to shop for holiday gifts, decorations, toys, and more! Celebrate the holiday season at Winter Village through January 5.


New Year’s Eve 2019 Gala

Monday, December 31, 2018

9 PM – 1 AM

Armature Works, Tampa

Ring in the New Year at the Armature Works. Tickets include dancing, live music, open bar, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres, along with a fireworks display on the lawn at midnight.


New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Monday, December 31, 2018

There are several places to see fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Tampa Bay. Each location has its own events, rules, and start time.

Here is a small sampling of this year’s New Year’s Eve events:



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Skip The Tailgate: Rent A Party Bus For These Upcoming Tampa Games

Tampa Bay is big on sports and there are some must-attend Tampa games coming up this month that you won’t want to miss. The area is home to four major sports teams, as well as several college teams.


Don’t Miss These Tampa Games During Your Visit

Join in on the team spirit and feed that hunger for sports like a local while visiting Tampa. For this listing, we’ve highlighted some of the home games for each team. Visit Ticketmaster for tickets and more Tampa events.


Oh The Possibilities With A Party Bus!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Raymond James Stadium

3302 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33607

If you’re craving professional football, come and raise the flag with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team is a member of the National Football Conference (NFC) South Division and currently compete in the National Football League (NFL).

Visiting Raymond James Stadium is a real treat. This site is well known for the 103-foot pirate ship perched above the North end zone. Every time the Bucs cross the 20-yard line or score, the ship’s cannons fire their blasts to celebrate.


Fast Facts:

Since opening in 1998, Raymond James Stadium has hosted two Super Bowls.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were also the 2002 Super Bowl Champions. 


Upcoming Schedule:

Group rates and promotions are available. For groups of 10 or more, contact the Buccaneer’s Group Sales Office at 866-586-BUCS (2827).


Sunday, December 2 – Bucs vs. Carolina Panthers

Game time is 1 PM. Ticket prices are based on seating location and start at $48. Parking rates for this event range from $12 to $56, depending on your choice of parking lot. RV parking and VIP parking rates are between $60 and $89.


Sunday, December 9 – Bucs vs. New Orleans Saints

This game has a 1 PM kickoff with ticket prices starting at $56. Parking rates for this game are $13 to $36 for vehicles and $60 for RV parking.


Sunday, December 30 – Bucs vs. Atlanta Falcons

Game time is 1 PM and ticket prices start at $55. Parking rates for this game are between $15 and $25, with RV parking rates at $60.


Getting To The Event

Parking permits are purchased per game. On game day, the lots open 3.5 hours prior to kick off. A valid ticket must be presented and scanned in order to enter the parking area. Parking tickets are only available for purchase on the day of the event and not available for advance purchase.


Why Wait For The Parking Lot Party?

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Tampa Bay Lightning

Amalie Arena

401 Channelside Dr.

Tampa, FL 33602

Are you ready to rumble? Tampa’s professional ice hockey team, the one-and-only Tampa Bay Lightning, is a member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Lightning, often referred to as the Bolts, won the Stanley Cup Championship in the 2003–04 season. They will keep you on the edge of your seat with their “lightning bolt” action on the ice. 


Upcoming Schedule:

The Lexus Lounge and Chase Club ticket prices are all-inclusive with food and drinks. Call (813) 301-2505 for information on reserving private suites, lofts, or group party areas for Lightning events.


Thursday, December 6 – Lightning vs. Boston Bruins

Game time is 7:30 PM and ticket prices start at $39.


Monday, December 10 – Lightning vs. New York Rangers

The game will start at 7:30 PM. Prices for this match start around $26.


Saturday, December 29 – Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens

Start time for this match is slightly earlier, at 7 PM. Ticket prices start at $56.


Getting To The Event

What better way to Get Charged Up than to pregame on the way to the Arena in a Tampa Party Bus? Then, chill out and watch the Tampa Bay Lightning play the best game on ice. If you want to keep the energy going after the match, your chauffeur can take you to some of the best party spots in town.


Restaurants And Recreation Along The Tampa Riverwalk


University of South Florida Bulls Basketball

Yuengling Center

4202 E. Fowler Avenue

SUN 130

Tampa, FL 33620


Women’s Basketball

These Bulls mean business. The University of South Florida (USF) women’s basketball team competes in the American Athletic Conference (AAC), Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). This women’s basketball team is very impressive. As of the 2017-18 season, the Bulls have a 639-679 record.


Fast Facts:

The USF Bulls have played in NCAA Tournaments five times.

They also played eight games in the Women’s National Invitation Tournament, earning a title in 2009. 


Upcoming Schedule:

Tickets start at $7 all games. Doors open 1 hour before tip-off. For groups of 10 or more, call (800) GO-BULLS for arrangements.

  • Sunday, December 9 – Bulls vs. George Washington Colonials, 2 PM

  • Saturday, December 15 – Bulls vs. Grambling State Tigers, 3:30 PM

  • Monday, December 17 – Bulls vs. Vermont Catamounts, 7 PM



Men’s Basketball

Also representing USF is the Bulls men’s basketball team. The team competes in the NCAA Division I basketball competition and is a member of the AAC. They opened the season with an 80-63 win and they are pumped up to go all the way. 


Upcoming Schedule:

Tickets start at $7 all games. Doors open 1 hour before tip-off. For groups of 10 or more, call (800) GO-BULLS for arrangements.

  • Saturday, December 15 – Bulls vs. Appalachian State University Mountaineers, 1 PM

  • Friday, December 21 – Bulls vs. Alcorn State Braves, 7 PM

  • Saturday, December 29 – Bulls vs. Fairleigh Dickinsons, 1 PM


Getting To The Event

Don’t let parking issues block your shot at a great night. Book a reliable ride with a local limo service to get you to the game. Without wasting your energy fighting traffic, you’ll be able to cheer louder and root harder for your team.


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Tampa Events To Boost Your Small Business

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or another type of business professional you can’t miss these Tampa events. Certainly, in the coming weeks, there will be multiple seminars and workshops to boost your small business.

Furthermore, this’ll  assist in increasing your business’s exposure and bringing your products to market.

Connect With Other Small Businesses At These Tampa Events

Professional speakers will introduce a wide range of tools and information to local business professionals. Above all, some of the topics include presentation techniques, networking and marketing, business expansion, and more.

In addition, brushing up on these skills will help you connect with other business professionals in the area and work together toward common goals.


Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!


Branding Workshop & Dinner: 

How to Set You and Your Startup Apart

Wednesday, December 5th

6 – 8 PM

Admission: $15


100 E. Madison Street, Suite 300

Tampa, FL 33602

Allie Felix of the Embarc Collective will present a Branding Workshop for entrepreneurs. In addition, this workshop will have helpful business tips for those leading a company, working for a startup, or developing a new brand or business venture. 

Furthermore the interactive session will focus on improving networking skills to help get your business off to a great start and promote growth.

Topics for the workshop will include:

  • identifying target objectives and how to implement them,
  • defining and presenting your business and branding narrative,
  • developing solid contacts,
  • and learning how helping others can improve your business.

Network with fellow attendees during a light dinner and snacks from 6 to 6:30 p.m. The workshop will follow from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., with an additional 30 minutes afterward to further connect with peers.

In other words, what a perfect time for a dinner business meeting!


Human Resources for Small Businesses

Friday, December 7th

10 – 11 AM

Admission: Free

Operation Startup – Entrepreneur Collaborative Center

2101 East Palm Avenue

Tampa, FL 33605

This workshop will be presented by Jenny W. Clark of Solvability. Clark specializes in assisting small businesses interested in federal contracting. She will discuss employee recruiting and hiring procedures, employee benefits, payroll taxes, federal and state wage rules, as well as other personnel-related issues. 


Does a Business Professional Need Work Friends?


Speed Tampa Networking

Tuesday, December 11th

7 – 9 PM 

Admission: $21.50 – $26.00, non-refundable

Sapphire Lounge, Floridan Palace Hotel

905 N. Florida Avenue

Tampa, FL 33602

To sum it up this event presents an opportunity for local entrepreneurs and business owners to meet face-to-face. Speed networking presents a unique opportunity to establish business relationships with other professionals in a structured environment.

Therefore, this is a great way to share valuable information, help expand your business, and create networking opportunities in a comfortable and sophisticated setting.


The Inventors Roadmap To Success,

A Step-by-Step Guide To Profiting From Your Big Idea

Wednesday, December 12th

10 AM – noon

Admission: Free

Entrepreneur Collaborative Center

2101 E. Palm Avenue

Tampa, FL 33605

This seminar, presented by Inventors Launchpad, focuses on providing inventors and product developers with the tools they need therefore to design a step-by-step product development road map.

Carmine Denisco will guide you through the process of developing a business idea through bringing the product to market. Special emphasis will be on speed to market, product viability, and recouping product investment.

Most importantly bring any questions, concerns, or issues surrounding your own product development experiences to the experts here. 


7 Tampa Suites For The Traveling Business Professional


Pitch Masters: Master the Art of Pitching Your Business 

Friday, December 14th


Admission: Free

Entrepreneur Collaborative Center

201 East Palm Avenue

Tampa, FL 33605

Attendees will learn how to pitch your business, gain investors, and grow a solid client base. Presenter Joe Jones is an award-winning professional speaker and sales trainer.

Most importantly, he’s the founder and owner of Transition Masters as well as the leader of Pitch Masters of Tampa. That is to say, in business, the presentation is everything. That is to say, the Pitch Masters’ program will assist you in developing and practicing your business pitch.


Google Analytics, Ads, and Tag Manager

Monday, Dec. 3 – Friday, Dec. 7

Admission: $499+

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Tampa Bay

3050 N. Rocky Point Drive West

Tampa, FL 33607

Bounteous presents a week of training in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager. This digital solutions company believes the best digital brand experiences are built on a few key points.

Most importantly these are the seamless flow of data, interactions, and insights. Above all, they optimize the flow of data to create big-picture digital solutions in order to drive growth for clients and business.

The agenda for this workshop is as follows:

  • Monday, December 3: Google Analytics 101, Beginner;
  • Tuesday, December 4: Google Analytics 201, Intermediate;
  • Wednesday, December 5: Google Analytics 301, Advanced;
  • Thursday, December 6: Google Tag Manager 101, Intermediate and Google Ads 101, Beginner;
  • Friday, December 7: Google Ads 201, Intermediate

Fees range between $499 and $799. However, there are multi-day discounts offered. For the Google Analytics Workshop, save $100 (all three days, or $50 for two days of training) and for Google Ads, save $100 (two days of training).


Why Corporations Hire Luxury Business Travel For Employees


Save Time, Keep Your Peace Of Mind With Business Event Transportation

Network Transportation is a professional limousine service based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Likewise, our affordable luxury ground transportation services provide a fleet featuring sedans, stretch limousine cars, party buses, and executive vans. In conclusion, no matter how many in your party, we’ve got you covered!

Our Services:

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Most importantly when you’re in the Tampa area for a business event, you can depend on us to be on time no matter what your schedule requires. In conclusion, there’s never a need to deal with expensive and inconvenient rental cars, parking issues, or driving in an unfamiliar area.

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Upcoming Business Events to Attend This Fall: 2018 Edition

Tampa Bay has a lot going on year-round, both in business and entertainment. There are beautiful beaches, festivals, sporting events, and more. Ours is also one of the top cities for the great outdoors, diverse culinary treats, and a booming nightlife.

Tampa Business Events Fall 2018

With so much going on, it can be hard to choose which events to attend.

We’ve put together a list of some business events that you won’t want to miss in the coming weeks.


Cigar City Toastmasters in Tampa

Second Tuesday of each month, 6:15 PM

Fourth Tuesday of each month, 9:15 AM

Entrepreneur Collaboration Center 

2101 E. Palm Ave.

Ybor City, Tampa, FL 33605

Toastmasters will bring out your inner leader by improving your speaking and presentation skills. The group will help you gain self-confidence while increasing your ability to inspire and collaborate. This will improve your skills to work with others in a more supportive and positive manner. The powerful tools you gather here will help you build strong leadership skills. Everyone is welcome to join. For more information, contact Rosie Lee, CCO of Divergent Dimension at

Why Corporations Hire Luxury Business Travel For Employees


State of the Tampa Bay Ecosystem 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

6 PM – 8:30 PM

University of Tampa

Maureen A. Daly Innovation and Collaboration Building

820 W. North A Street

Tampa, FL 33606

This is the third annual presentation of the “State of the Tampa Bay Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” report. The report was developed and presented by the University of Tampa’s John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center. It examines and tracks both the growth and progress of Tampa’s entrepreneurial energy. At this meeting, presenters will compare today’s findings to the original Kauffman Study. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to gain an understanding of the progress of entrepreneurship in the region.


Marketing Sucks, But It Doesn’t Have To

Tuesday, November 27, 2018,

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

401 East Jackson Street, 33rd Floor

Tampa, FL 33602

This workshop, presented by Paper Jacket Marketing and Get Success Unlimited, focuses on Get Success Unlimited’s secret of using Content plus Digital Marketing. Using this method, the workshop addresses promoting sales for multiple brands, businesses, organizations, and campaigns.

Attendees will develop a fool-proof plan and develop the best way to implement it, according to their business’s unique marketing needs. Business owners and professionals from nearly any industry will benefit from this workshop. You will learn the best way to market your company online while taking out the guesswork.

John Kachurick from Get Success Unlimited will discuss meshing marketing and business growth. Business professionals who make use of the knowledge they gain at this event will be able to move toward a marketing breakthrough.

7 Tampa Suites For The Traveling Business Professional


EXFO Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Tune-Up and Roadshow

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

9:30 AM to 2:30 PM 


3801 Corporex Park Drive

Tampa, FL 33619

This is an excellent opportunity to meet EXFO and Anixter team members. You will also gain valuable information and assistance with your optical test gear. Attendees are invited to bring along your current or older gear.

If you don’t own EXFO test gear, the team members will be glad to clean, inspect, and evaluate other equipment brands. The experts will thoroughly check your equipment. Available services will include visual OTDR inspection, test port inspection and clearing, software checks, and calibration checks. The on-site teams may also be able to diagnose and rectify any difficulties resulting from faulty equipment. Upon request, team members may offer a trade-in analysis and value. Lunch will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.



Ascend 2k18 Prophetic Conference

Thursday, December 6: 7 PM

Friday, December 7: 10:30 AM – 4 PM + 7 PM evening service

Saturday, December 8: 10:30 AM – 4 PM + 7 PM evening service

The Center For Manifestation

3102 East Lake Avenue

Tampa, FL 33610

This conference strives to “take you higher in the prophetic and seer realms.” After a period of worship, the conference will focus on prophetic power and glory. Featured activities include night services, workshops, and VIP panel discussions. Admission is free, but to reserve a seat you must register in advance. Futhermore, workshops and panels require a Premium Access ticket.

Presenters for this conference include:

  • Jennifer LeClaire, founder of the Ignite prophetic network,
  • with James Goll,
  • Jonathan Ferguson,
  • Jonathan Stidham,
  • and others.

Break Away from the Office with a Tampa Party Bus


Human Resources for Small Businesses in Tampa 

December 7, 2018

10 AM

Operation Startup

Entrepreneur Collaboration Center 

2101 E. Palm Ave.

Ybor City, Tampa, FL 33605

Jenny W. Clark of Solvability specializes in federal contracting for small businesses. She will help companies learn how they can become more competitive and profitable. At this event, Clark (also known as “The Oprah of Federal Contracting”) will provide valuable information about various personnel topics.

Some of the topics include:

  • recruiting,
  • hiring procedures,
  • employee benefits,
  • federal and state wage rules,
  • and payroll taxes.



Smart Reader Seminar

December 12, 2018

11:30 AM – 1 PM

Tampa Bay Business Journal

4890 West Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 850

Tampa, FL 33609.

The Tampa Bay Business Journal asks you to join them for lunch. At this event, you will learn how to grow your business using the Business Journal’s products. The seminar will provide networking opportunities. There will even be assitance available in finding leads. In turn, these leads will help to ensure an increase in your regional profits. While you’re there, pick up the 2018 Book of Lists!

Tampa Events: Visiting The Raymond James Stadium


Drive Sales Thru Social Media in Tampa

December 14, 2018

10:00 AM

Operation Startup

Entrepreneur Collaboration Center 

2101 E. Palm Ave.

Ybor City, Tampa, FL 33605

Gary Knight, owner of New Homes of Tampa Bay, will educate attendees on increasing business prospects through social media. The main focus will be on how to drive sales using various social media platforms and how to establish a following. These small changes can greatly increase your exposure and grow your customer base.



Need A Break From Business Events?

It would be a shame to make your Tampa trip all work and no play.


Select Nights – Tampa Improv

Enjoy dinner and some laughs at Tampa Improv Stand-up Comedy Show. Check the full schedule for acts and ticket prices. Not every show is family-friendly. Be sure to bring your ID for 21+ shows!


Nov. 24 – Soul Beach

This waterside event brings together R&B music, jazz tunes, and a comedy show. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. at Whiskey Joe’s Tampa Bar and Grill. Experience great music and laughter with friends and family. General admission and VIP tickets are available.


Nov. 24 & 25 – Tampa State Fairgrounds Craft Fair

The 25th annual craft fair is a fun day for everyone. Admission is $6.00 per person, but children 12 and under are free. One paid admission is good for both days. The craft fair is being held on November 24th and 25th.


Nov. 28 – Florida Orchestra Happy Hour Concert, “Two to Tango”

This special Happy Hour Concert starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Armature Works in Tampa. This show promises to be a real treat for the whole family. Plus, admission is free!


Dec. 1 – Havana Nights

For a taste of Cuba, Havana Nights is the place to be. Enjoy Cuban cocktails, foods, music and more at this event celebrating Cuban culture. The fun starts at 7:00 p.m. at Tampa’s Ampersand Event Center. VIP and General Admission tickets are on sale now.


Dec. 7 – A Very Barry Christmas

Barry Manilow is putting on a Platinum Christmas Concert at Tampa’s Amalie Arena. The show will start at 7:00 p.m. Come to hear your favorite Manilow hits like “Copacabana” and “Mandy” live from the legend himself!


Dec 8 – A Christmas Celebration

The Tampa Bay Heralds of Harmony will be celebrating the Christmas holidays with a special concert set. There will be two showtimes, at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., at the University of Florida (USF) School of Music Concert Hall in Tampa. Each showtime will have its own VIP preshow event.

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Avoid The Holiday Traffic With Chauffeured Car Service

Enhance your experience with affordable limousine service.

Network Transportation offers a beautiful fleet of luxury cars. Options include sedans, Town Cars, stretch limousines, party vans, and buses. So, no matter how many guests are in your party, we’ve got you covered. Your professional chauffeur will meet and greet you at the airport and assist with your luggage. This leaves you free to relax in comfort after a long flight.

Our professionally-trained chauffeurs are very knowledgeable of the Tampa Bay area and its high-traffic areas to avoid. Going from event to event can involve a lot of traffic and parking issues. Forget the traffic hassles. Let Network Transportation take the wheel from here. You just decide where you want to go and your chauffeur will do the rest.


Written By: Ryan Lubin

Where To Attend Friendsgiving In Tampa

“Friends are the family you choose.”

Jess C. Scott

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all that you have. Friendsgiving is an extra special time to show our gratitude for friends that make our lives great. Some people find themselves far from family during the Thanksgiving season and choose to celebrate with friends instead. Other people think of their friends as family and wouldn’t want to celebrate with anyone else. No matter how you choose to celebrate this Friendsgiving, Tampa has some great places to do it.

Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!


Top Tampa Friendsgiving Locations

Check out these ideas for a festive Friendsgiving. Whether you’re up for checking out some Tampa events or celebrating at home, there’s something for everyone.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.

Limo Transportation Will Get You to Your Destination.

Your Best Friend’s Place

The best thing about celebrating with your friends is enjoying time spent together. The best part of celebrating at home is that you can have whatever kind of event you want.

  • For a low-key take on the tradition, host an informal dinner where everyone brings a dish. Set a date, pick a host, and pass around a sign-up sheet with everyone’s favorites.

Start the day early by tuning in to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Catch it on the major news networks at 9 AM.

Are friends in the area from out of town? Take advantage of the slower tourist season and show them around Tampa! Take a stroll down the Tampa Riverwalk. With any luck, you may even have the best Tampa beaches to yourself.

Do you have that one friend who just can’t wait for Christmas? You know, the one who tries to play holiday music before the turkey is even on the table. After dinner, grab that friend and head to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Rudolph and his friends will be in town from November 17 – December 31. The event is included in park admission, which starts around $80 per person.

Are Your Friends Flying to TPA Airport?

Show Your Gratitude and Book Them a Tampa Airport Shuttle.

Thanksgiving at Eddie V’s 

November 22, 2018

You don’t have to cook up a storm to enjoy a traditional meal this Friendsgiving. Eddie V’s will be open on Thanksgiving Day and serving holiday dinner from 11 AM – 9 PM. If tradition isn’t your thing, don’t worry. The full dinner menu will also be available.

Wondering what’s on the menu? Guests will enjoy holiday favorites including turkey with all the trimmings, hard-whipped potatoes, and butternut squash. The price tag on this festive meal is $42 per adult and $15 per child. For dessert, there is pumpkin pie with butter pecan ice cream for an additional $12. We highly suggest you make your dinner reservation before the dining room is full.

Don’t Drive in a Turkey Coma.

Hang Out With Us On a Tampa Party Bus.

39th Annual Thanksgiving Bluegrass Festival

November 22-24, 2018

You won’t find this event on Ticketmaster. This tradition has been going nearly four decades strong. Enjoy great bluegrass music by day or camp out for this three-day festival. The lineup features several artists, including Lonesome River Band, Blue Highway, and Southern Express. Check out the full schedule for more information. Daily tickets start at $20 with weekend passes priced at $90. For primitive camping, add $15 per person for each night. Kick off the weekend with a potluck on the grounds at 2 PM on Thanksgiving Day.

Tampa Luxury Travel Cruise Port Reaches 1-Million Passenger Milestone!

Thanksgiving Cruise

November 22, 2018

Buck tradition or create your own with this unique Thanksgiving experience. The Yacht Starship will host three cruises on Thanksgiving Day. You can expect to pay around $60 per adult of $40 per child, plus a small charge for taxes and fees. Onboard, guest can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving buffet. There’s no need to fight over what type of meat to have for your holiday meal. This spread includes both turkey and glazed ham. Other featured favorites include autumn veggies and seasonal sides, like cornbread stuffing and sweet potato casserole. Don’t miss the awesome photo opportunities on the upper decks. Where better than the Bay to enjoy the beautiful views of Tampa and Clearwater beach?

Ditch the Holiday Traffic.

Sit Back and Relax with Luxury Ground Transportation Service.

Once you’ve got your holiday festivities planned, it’s on to the next step.

How will you get there?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Searching “Car Service Near Me” during Thanksgiving season could be a disaster. There may not be many drivers available. The ones who are working may not be in a very good mood.

Arrange limo transportation in advance with a professional chauffeur. Your chauffeur is more than just a driver. This is someone dedicated to getting you to your destination quickly and safely while providing the best level of service.

Don’t want to ride alone? Book a party bus rental and everyone can ride together. There’s even plenty of room for the covered dishes.

Tampa Tours You Can Book A Limo Reservation For!


Once it’s time to send everyone home, someone has to drive to the airport.

Skip airport parking Tampa. A Tampa airport shuttle will save you time and money.

Your chauffeur will even help with your bags.

Network Transportation has you covered once the holidays are over, as well.

We even offer non-emergency medical transport and business travel services.

There is so much more to limousine service than you might expect.

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Written By: Amber M. Smith

Instagram / Medium/ Website

Does a Business Professional Need Work Friends?

“You want to be kind, professional and nice. But we don’t need to tell every person at work our deep dark secrets, and long-term goals and dreams.”

 – Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim


Forming friendships in the workplace can be a good thing. However, a successful business professional knows where to place boundaries. Sharing ideas and perspectives can improve productivity, performance, and harmony in the workplace. Although, becoming too close to your associates can cause conflict.


Setting Healthy Boundaries as a Business Professional

It’s better to stay friendly with coworkers, rather than establishing friendships. In other words, there is nothing wrong with having lunch with a colleague or coffee on a break. Inviting them to your home, though, could lead to sharing too much about your personal life and financial affairs. This can create friction and lead to damaging gossip, especially if you are promoted over a coworker who was competing for the same position. As Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim noted, “There is always a level of competitiveness when it comes to income and jobs.”

Sharing too much personal information can also affect future career prospects. For instance, a coworker could use personal details against you to ruin your reputation or even cost you your job. Let’s say you are unhappy with your current position. Venting to a colleague that you thought you could trust can backfire. They may secretly want your current position and use your words as a tool for promoting themselves.

Business owners, managers, and supervisors have to be even more aware of the complications that can arise from work friendships. Management must be vigilant in assuring fairness among their employees and peers. Most workplaces even prohibit dating and fraternizing between management and other employees.


Break Away from the Office with a Tampa Party Bus


The Downside of Work Friendships

It can be difficult to maintain a sense of authority amongst people whom you associate with on a close personal level. Even if you are not in a higher position than your work friends, you may be judged by the company you keep.

If you are known to associate with someone who is considered a poor worker, management or your peers may develop negative opinions of you and your work. Due to your association and friendship with this individual, coworkers may not trust you with confidential business information. This scenario can obviously impact your career in a very negative manner.


Enjoy Summer All-Year-Round At The Best Tampa Beaches


On the Plus Side

Friendships encourage coworkers to share ideas and ultimately improve productivity. “We know friends in the workplace give us a better sense of belonging, a better attitude and increased job satisfaction,” notes Jessica Methot, associate professor of Human Resource Management at Rutgers University.

On the other hand, it is important that employees recognize when they are impacting productivity. This is often evidenced by a coworker’s inability to complete tasks around workplace “friends.” It is expected that friendly conversations will take place during work hours, but it is vital that you be cognizant of everyone’s workload and schedules.


Tampa Uber, Lyft & Taxi Service – Is It worth it?


Avoiding Workplace Problems

Interactions that may not seem like a big deal at the time can lead to major issues later.



A successful business professional will know when it is time to engage and when it is time to get back to their work assignments. Take this piece of advice from Nancy Rothbard, Chair of the Management Department at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She points out that “[t]he fact that you have friends at work means you are spending more time on non-task-related activities.”

“That is good from an energy-boost perspective, taking breaks and revitalizing,” she continues. “But if you don’t manage it well, it can be distracting.” 



It’s not uncommon to have one or more friendships that lead to group lunches or after-work engagements. This helps to expand your network, which exposes you to a wider variety of ideas and perspectives. However, it can also cause other coworkers to feel left out, which lowers morale. 



It’s important never to play favorites in the workplace. This applies to everyone, but especially to management. The same high standards should be held for all employees, whether friendships are involved or not.



Talking about one coworker to another is particularly damaging in the workplace. It cannot only hurt feelings, but can cause serious disruption in the work environment. If someone tries to include you in gossip, it is appropriate to excuse yourself politely.



The workplace is often competitive. However, the business professional knows how to be supportive of a work friend seeking a new position without compromising their own chances at promotion.

“There are opportunities that your friend is going to get that you may not,” says Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert and author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life. When someone else gets a position over you, act mature and respectful and congratulate them.” Networking expert, Ivan Misner advised, “If you find yourself now the boss of a friend, it’s important to set clear expectations from the start on the new dynamic.” In other words, be a gracious and professional competitor, not a rival.


Take A Break!

Tampa Party Bus Destinations For The Adventurous


Keeping Cool During Business Travel

If your position requires travel, you know how exhausting it can be. You are away from family and your focus must be on the business at hand. It can be exciting, especially if this is a new experience, but it can also be daunting.

When traveling with business companions, especially workplace friends, it is very important that you stay on task. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. However, you mustn’t lose sight of the assignment or cross personal boundaries. It is essential to keep an open mind and an eye out for opportunities to enrich your work-related travel experiences, such as a casual dinner with a potential client or business partner.

Be mindful of your reputation as a business professional and maintain strict boundaries with your colleagues. Although traveling together can bring you closer, always keep in mind that something that is inappropriate at the office is also inappropriate on a business trip.

If you are the more experienced traveler, assist your business traveling companions in any way you can with suggestions and reminders. In other words, look out for each other and, no matter what, keep the alcohol to a minimum. Remember, you are representing the company you work for and appearance is everything.


Why Corporations Hire Luxury Business Travel For Employees


Corporate Travel Conduct

Always plan in advance, whether it is for an airport shuttle, business event transportation, corporate travel schedules, or a hotel. The preferred mode of ground transportation for business travelers is a luxury black car service or limousine. This allows time to relax after a long flight or finish that big presentation.

Being prepared can make the difference between a great experience and a bad one. Make sure you include your business team in any decisions. Also, make sure you schedule some quality alone time. When traveling, your colleagues or clients may want to experience the local nightlife. Politely excuse yourself if any boundaries are crossed.

What about the rules on sharing a room? Sometimes you may have to bunk together with a colleague on business trips. If so, request a room companion with whom you feel the most comfortable. If falling asleep is a problem, you can always download a white or rain noise app, such as Sleepy Sounds. Always be respectful and discreet.


Tampa’s Local Corporate Travel Experts, At Your Service

At Network Transportation, we specialize in luxury ground transportation. We’ve got you covered for your corporate travel and special occasion transportation needs. Our fleet features the most luxurious vehicles to provide the best in black car service and limo transportation.

We are proud to call Tampa our home, with its beautiful beaches and exciting attractions. Here you can stroll the Tampa Riverwalk or get your thrills at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Single passengers or large groups can experience affordable, reliable luxury ground transportation in style and comfort. We are prepared to handle your travel needs in every way.

We offer a wide range of luxury vehicles and services to fit any occasion, event, or group size. Our professionally trained chauffeurs will act as your own personal concierge and assist you with your luggage. Then you can sit back and enjoy the ride in comfort and safety in one of our luxury cars.

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Written By: Ryan Lubin