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amalie-arenaAs a active Partner with the Amalie Arena along with the Tampa Bay Lightning, we would love to be your transportation of choice for one of the above events.

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Mid Florida, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Capitol Theatre & Straz


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Current and Future Affiliates

Yes we are are less than a week away from the industry’s most exciting show on the East Coast, the Chauffeur Driven Show. We are looking forward to meeting and connecting with our current Affiliates and establishing new Affiliate Relationships.

Social media is one of the easiest and best ways to make a connection with a new affiliate manager or owner. In this industry‚ Facebook tops the list of the most popular social media platforms‚ with LinkedIn following as a close second. If you have a specific Affiliate that you want to meet at the show or would like to set up a meeting‚ make an online connection first. Send a friend request on Facebook or invite someone to connect via LinkedIn prior to sending an email asking for an appointment during the Chauffeur Driven Show.

I would like to book a few meetings per day during the show. It can be a bit of a  challenge to manage several meetings as we would like to spend some time, but not take up too much of your time.

Partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Storm and The Amalie Arena

tampa-bay-limoNetwork Limousines is  Proud to be in a Partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Storm and The Amalie Arena. Check out our exciting video footage.



LIfe as a Limo Owner

bloggggggggggggPersonal Appearance

The limousine driver’s wardrobe must be suitable for a professional driver. The business owner may shop for formal attire, such as tuxedos or suits, or contract out with a vendor for uniforms. If the clothing is custom-made or requires alteration, he may spend time getting fitted at a tailor’s shop. Dry cleaning pickup and other services related to attire, such as laundering and shoe-polishing, will take up some time during the workday, as will regular haircuts or manicures to maintain an impeccably groomed appearance.


Limousine business owners who also operate an independent car service will be busy for a good portion of time serving clients, taking them to meetings, airports, parties and other destinations. They may sit in traffic or park and wait for hours for the client to return to the car after an event.

Presentation and Vehicle Maintenance

Presentation of the vehicle is important in the luxury service industry, and celebrities and other high-end clientele have high expectations and often demand special consideration. If the driver doesn’t have the time to carefully clean the vehicle himself, he must make contact with a car wash or auto detailing service to provide the client a freshly-vacuumed and litter-free ride. The exterior and trunk must also be impeccable. The limousine owner must ensure that amenities, such as Internet or phone service, are in good working condition. He may need to troubleshoot electronics or adjust the interior lights to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Music must be selected, prepared and changed according to the wishes of the client. Glassware must be clean and the interior temperature must be suitable for the time of year. The limousine driver or business owner may take the car in for repairs or schedule routine service, such as tire care or oil changes. He must make arrangements with towing services in the event of an accident or breakdown. And since limousines aren’t economy vehicles, the limousine owner may also spend a good bit of time at the pump, depending on the miles driven during the day.


A busy limousine service owner must spend time on Internet mapping sites or entering data into his car’s GPS to schedule his route in advance. A good limousine driver is familiar with the most-efficient routes in his service area and he must spend some time familiarizing himself with frequently requested destinations, such as hotels, airports or restaurants, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Map-making is especially important in the event of a breakdown. It’s important to know the closest tow or repair service to minimize downtime, suggests Jim Luff of LCT Magazine.

Marketing and Market Analysis

Marketing is a must for any business, and the limousine business is no exception. The business owner must spend part of his workday — although maybe not every day — defining his target audience and understanding the market segmentation. For example, does he cater to the wedding or prom crowd, or does he want to cater exclusively to the hotel industry or airport visitors? If he wants to specialize, he must undertake marketing analysis to find prospective customers, then create a marketing plan to attack those goals. Marketing efforts may require designing an ad or logo, reaching out to bridal stores or tuxedo rental establishments, or networking with affiliates, advises Luff.

Personnel Matters

If the operation has more than one car and driver in service, the business owner will have personnel duties to attend to during the day. This may include interviewing and hiring, vacation pay, dealing with benefits and services or reprimanding or discharging personnel.

Accounting and Finance Duties

A limousine business owner must deal with his assets and liabilities. Accounts receivable and accounts payable functions can take up a good chunk of time during the workday. There are vendors to pay, checks to prepare, car leases to pay, licenses and registrations to buy, and payroll to fulfill. In addition, money from fares must be deposited at the bank on a daily basis.

Shopping and Vendor Negotiation

Many limousines stock a full bar for the convenience of the customer, which calls for shopping for beverages, such as coffee, tea or champagne. Special champagne flutes or other bar ware must be kept on hand, and the driver must maintain property inventory. The limousine business owner may spend time on the phone or Internet negotiating deals with a linen service or liquor distributor, or shop around for the best price for his insurance needs.

Dispatch and Scheduling

The limousine business owner must answer calls for service. He will spend some time during the workday organizing these requests and dispatching limousines for transporting guests to their destinations.

Ongoing Education and Licensing

During a lull, a limousine business owner may wish to engage in ongoing education through the use of trade magazines, newspapers or service industry newsletters. There are future events to consider or policies and procedures that need reviewing. The limousine driver must also stay abreast of any changes to federal or state regulations and keep his driver’s license and Class E chauffeur’s license current, which may entail spending time at the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to Old Market Limousine Service.


The driver or business owner must document the mileage from the beginning to the end of each trip. This is important for tax purposes and helpful in assessing overhead costs. All vehicle incidents; for example, any damages or accidents, need to be reported, as do injuries to self or client. Time jotting down notes in a logbook can add up.

For the Business Minded


Caesers & Atlantic city Convention Center
October 19-21, 2014

Yes or No?

“It goes without saying that if you are in the business of ground transportation you really can’t afford not to attend the LCT Shows. Between the relationships you will make, the educational content, and tips from others in the business- return on your investment pays back many times over. If you are serious about your business and being successful then YOU MUST ATTEND.”

Christopher Quinn, Corporate Transportation Solutions, Inc.

Black Car Chauffered Service Or Executive Chauffeured Car Services

The Difference between Executive chauffeured car services and Black Car Services

First let’s start to educate all clients about differences between executive Chauffeured car services and the so called “limo services” known as Black Cars.

While the term chauffeur may refer to anybody who drives for a living, it usually implies a highly experienced driver of an elegant passenger vehicle such as a horse drawn carriage, luxury sedan, motor coach or especially a limousine,those who operate buses or non-passenger vehicles are generally referred to as “drivers”. People currently sometimes employ chauffeurs full-time to drive themselves in their own personal vehicles, yet there are also professional services offering limousines driven by chauffeurs. These professional services can be termed as executive chauffeur car services.

An Executive chauffeured car service is something that is very regulated by either a company or corporation. In an executive chauffeured car service company all the vehicles are owned and insured by the company and all chauffeurs work for that company. This allows said company to exercise control over it’s employees, it’s vehicles and it’s services. An executive chauffeured car service will have new cars; they will be clean and properly maintained both ascetically and mechanically. Their chauffeurs (chauffeurs not drivers) will be experienced with local drive area, navigational skills, properly and uniformly attired (usually in a dark colored suit) Dispatch and reservations will be consistent, organized and professional. This is how a true executive chauffeured car service is typically operated. Now that we explained professional service, we would like to educate clients about the so called limos, aka Black Cars.

Now a black car service on the other hand is a completely different animal. Most black car companies don’t own anything except for a few phone lines, and all of their work is subcontracted to independent drivers who own and operate their own vehicles. The vehicles these gentlemen drive are not regulated nor checked for compliance or proper insurance, they dress however they like, and they do whatever jobs they choose. The call center for the black car company will dispatch as traditional cab services, dispatching on basis of whichever car is available and whoever is willing perform whichever trip they desire. Sounds convenient for the driver, but what about the customer who is getting picked up by god knows who, god knows the vehicle condition and god knows if even being picked up at all? These companies will only inform customers about their potential lateness or inability to pickup 20minutes prior to scheduled pickup time. Most of these companies are unreliable for punctual service, and quality service. In addition their pricing requires in depth examination. The black car company attracts on the basis of low base rates and estimates, however final charges require examination. The trips can with be inflated with additional ride charges. These charges are commonly known as unverifiable waiting time charges, questionable stops. Service charges and various other forms of charges. The most bizarre hidden charges are car seats (toddler booster seats), and the meet greet fee. It makes no sense to charge for booster seats and meet greet since the effort of placing booster seats in a car or parking car at airport to make contact with customer inside airport terminal is minimal to none. Now that we have defined the major differences between the professional executive car service and black car service, one can choose what fits ones transportation needs.