Limousine Safety: What to Know Before You Ride


Whether for business or pleasure, riding in a limousine can be enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient transportation. However, you must be careful when choosing a limousine service. To ensure safety for you and your companions. Unfortunately, a lot of people consider the price rather than focusing on potential safety issues.

With all of the limousines on the road today, it’s imperative that you think about the safety of the vehicle ahead of price. After all, you’re putting your life in the hands of a stranger. There are many things to consider and verify before you reserve a limousine. We’ve provided safety tips to help you choose the most reputable limo transportation.

There are some key signs that a company’s legitimate and provides safe limousine transportation. Reputable companies will gladly provide you with access to pertinent information and proof of compliance in terms of:

  • Company credentials (i.e., licensing, insurance, and safety record).

  • Chauffeur credentials (i.e., licensing, insurance, training, 19A certification, driving record, and medical clearance).

  • Vehicle inspection and registration and access to company’s fleet.

  • A professional website, as well as informational blogs and other social media platforms.

  • Referrals.

  • Company service area.


Company Credentials

Every city/state has their own rules regarding limousines. It’s important to note that not all limo services are properly regulated and many may not have the proper up-to-date credentials. Research the local regulations and make sure the limo company meets those standards.

Also, be sure to check the company’s safety record. DOT’s database of safety records for all passenger carrier companies is available on their website. Request the USDOT number of the limo company to obtain the necessary information. It’s a big red flag if they won’t provide this information.

In addition, DOT has a searchable Safety and Fitness Electronic Records system,, which provides each company’s operating status, number of drivers/vehicles, inspection records, and incident reports.



Chauffeur Credentials

Chauffeurs must pass medical exams, pre-employment checks, and biennial road and theory tests. This legislation is called 19A certification. Contact the limo service and ask for proof of certification. If they don’t know the terms or hesitate to provide proof, this is cause for concern. Reputable companies also should provide proof of drug screening.

Review the chauffeur’s credentials ahead of time. Accomplish this by email or fax, or a visit to the limo company, preventing possible delays at time of pickup. Have a conversation with your driver before you head out to ensure they are alert and coherent. If at anytime you fear for your safety due to reckless driving or a vehicle issue, ask the driver to pull over and contact the company for a replacement.



Vehicle Registration and Inspection

It’s best to actually visit the limousine company and check out their fleet of vehicles in person. Examine the inspection sticker, registration, and maintenance records to make sure they’re up-to-date and ask about the age and condition of the vehicle. Ideally, it should be under 4 years old, include seat belts for every passenger, and be clean with no visible damage inside or out.

At the very least, visit the company’s website. This will also ensure you’re able to reserve the appropriate size vehicle to meet your needs. For instance, for five passengers, you don’t need a 15-passenger van. These are all reasons why booking early can prevent potential problems.



Company Websites/Blogs/Social Media

A legitimate business will have a limo service website, as well as blogs and social media pages linked to the site. Make sure their name appears in the web address. Current, resourceful, and engaging content is a good indication the company is reputable. Providing information online gives the consumer a way to gain valuable information about the limousine company.

Attractive branding and consistent information is a good sign. Make sure the limousine service you choose has a great blog like this one.




Referrals are also extremely important. Investigating on-line consumer reviews can be very helpful, but there’s nothing better than a referral from someone you know and trust. Referrals are also available through wedding planners and tourism agencies.



Company Service Area

Ensure the company can provide service to all of your destinations. For example, if the company has caused undue issues at an establishment because of punctuality or misbehavior and is no longer welcome, or service isn’t available for your pick-up location, your careful planning can be ruined.


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Written By: Margie Lubin

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