I don’t see myself as someone who brings a lot of luggage! Network Transportation Worldwide has put this very question to the test that so many transportation companies scratch their heads over… How many pieces of luggage can you fit in your vehicles? Network put this question to the test in the only fashion our team would. We filled as many office members into the open trunks as we could and took pictures for proof!

We have an amazing diversified fleet of all late model vehicles so of course we had to test them all! First up was the Cadillac XTS, with trunk space of 18 cubic feet we were able to fit not only one staff member but three (with luggage tags attached of course).

Next up, was the Cadillac ESV, we kept all rows up and only used the allowed trunk space of 15.2 cubic feet (way more space if both the third and second row are down) we again succeeded and got three staff members in the trunk!

The final vehicle to be put to the test was the Mercedes Sprinter G2. This bad boy has 371-547 cubic feet in cargo space depending on the passenger seating style. The sprinter hit it out of the ball park with the space left over even with three office staff members. All in all we found that our fleet does allow for more then what we expected to fit!

If you cant make learning your luggage space fun, your doing something wrong! Come along for our next test, who knows what we will come up with next! Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed being apart of our day here at Network Transportation Worldwide! Til next time…

“If you want a comfortable journey of life then.. Reduce the luggage expectations!



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Network Transportation provides quality transport from luxury to medical, and beyond! Serving the Tampa, FL area as well as worldwide!With Network Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Service you will receive worldwide airport service and ground transportation service to more than 550 major travel destinations, international cities and regional airports across the globe.
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