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Network Transportation Worldwide is busy networking all over Tampa Bay! Connecting with associations and building relationships with other companies is one of the most important ways to build your business. NACE National Association Of Catering & Events is one of the many association’s our team is a member of. Vice President of Operations Michael Gaylor Jr, joined fellow NACE members on Tuesday at the Post Card Inn in St. Petersburg to listen to Speaker Kevin Dennis on new and innovative ways to get technical. Kevin discussed many new and old APPS that are beneficial for all event industries.

TBBTA was next on the journey. The amazing ballroom at the booming Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina was filled with so many eager TBBTA members ready to listen and learn from the panel of experts on the Travel and Transport Industry. The panel was asked many questions regarding the new bane on electronics on planes. Speaker Eric Blackburn a TSA representative touched on how the bane may not be lifted for some time but that many airlines are now offering tablets for all first class and business class flyers. Speaker Susan Thomas also touched on how she would like the travel industry to function in the future making the process of booking travel needs easier in every avenue.

From land to sea is where the next meeting lead our team. MPI Meeting Professional International Tampa Chapter took place at the sunny Hyatt Regency Clearwater Hotel. Erin Fuller was the speaker MPIs May education program. Erin is the president of MCI her company helps with the events and management of 28 non profit organizations. Erin touched on how networking has evolved from generation to generation, and gave tips on how to gain the most out of every meeting based on the generation you were born into too.

Never stop having the drive to learn. Thank you for coming along on our journey, till next time!

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Network Transportation provides quality transport from luxury to medical, and beyond! Serving the Tampa, FL area as well as worldwide!With Network Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Service you will receive worldwide airport service and ground transportation service to more than 550 major travel destinations, international cities and regional airports across the globe.
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