Flying Into TPA Airport? Avoid Jet Lag With This Guide!

Are you flying into TPA across multiple time zones?

If so, consider this insider knowledge on how to avoid some common mistakes which can lead to jet lag, the traveler’s enemy!  Get ready to arrive rested and enjoy the best Tampa has to offer – this is how to beat jet lag before it beats you.

So… What Is Jet Lag?

Jet lag is what occurs when the body’s circadian rhythm is thrown off from rapid, long distance trans-meridian travel. Basically, when you fly or drive across multiple time zones, your body needs a strategy to re-calibrate to its natural rhythm of sleep and wake cycles.

By understanding what this condition is – we can plan our business travel to accommodate optimal health during our fly into the TPA airport. Now, we can maximize the perks of our stay such as exploring the Best Tampa Beaches and Tampa Events.

Free Things To Do Near TPA Airport

How Is It Accomplished?

Understand Circadian Rhythm

How to work with it, and not against it.

Here are some pro tips to best cater to your circadian rhythm and avoid jet lag as you travel into the TPA airport.

1) Choose an Appropriate Time to Fly

Booking a redeye flight can help so that you can sleep on the flight but if you can’t do a redeye, sleeping on the plane might actually make you more tired by throwing off your body clock.

You can find redeye flights online for a cheaper rate than the busiest time of day, so what are you waiting for? While you’re at it, make sure to book an airport transportation car so that you can take the load off of driving. You’ve done enough!

2) Schedule A Layover

If you want to spend some of your time wisely, you could always schedule a layover or book a flight that you know will have layovers so that you can explore the areas around. What better way to do that than to rent a limo for a day?

Layovers are also great for napping, or to arrive a couple days early to adjust to the new time, because trust us, it will affect you. This will allow you to get settled first. Getting your footing in new territory is important as a foundation is everything.

3) Adjust Your Watch The Moment You Board The Plane

Mind over matter to mentally adjust, ASAP!

Who needs all the confusion? Just go ahead and set yourself up ahead of time. You can try the placebo effect of mind over matter and see just how far you can get away with the time change not affecting your body’s internal clock.

4) Get An Upgrade!

Not all flights are created equally. Make sure that you shop around before you book the cheapest and what you think is the best flight.

When possible, you can get an upgrade to business class and have access to all the extra special amenities and perks of modern airfare that make a flight so much more worth it!

The Airbus 380 and Boeing 787 have the LED lights simulate local time of the destination. What incredible technology that is specifically tailored to fighting jetlag.

5) Be Extra Kind To Your Body

Your body is a wonderland. Literally, a land of bodily systems that engage with each other synergistically to perform the functions that keep you alive. With that being said, you need to book a flight being conscious of this, as well as maintain responsibility for your health during the trip.

Drinking alcohol and coffee can actually have an adverse effect and make you even more tired and delirious when exiting the flight. The pressurized cabin air is known to dehydrate you so it’s imperative to drink as much water as your bladder can handle. It helps to bring your own refillable water bottle.

6) Avoid Napping On Arrival

Don’t waste your time when you first arrive at your destination. You can spend it scouting the area around. Wake yourself back up by going for a jog or a brisk walk while you get acquainted with the new time zone.

If you’re heading to Tampa, be sure to check out our Tampa Limo News Blog for the most updated tours and places to visit each week!

7) Tune Into The New Time Zone

Last but not least, you should know, Florida is the one state that you can catch the sunrise on one end and drive over to the sunset. The beauty is surreal and the colors are a beautiful display of red, pink, golden and amber hues that steal the sky!

Help yourself to regulate your biological clock to that of the local terrain. You can do so by:

  • Making sure to relax in the evening
  • Enjoy chamomile tea
  • Bring comfy pajamas
  • Limit use of screens before bed

When you wake in the morning, catch the sunrise and go for a run. You may even grab a coffee at one of the best local Tampa spots!

Traveling can be a big adventure that may leave you feeling drained at the end of it all. If you want to avoid jet lag and relax a bit more on the way to your final destination, it is a great idea to book airport transportation with a black car service like Network Transportation.

Network Transportation is a worldwide chauffeured service that is based locally in Tampa. With an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles to choose from, you will never fall anything short of impressed. Book a limousine or luxury car today!

Author: Danie Kehoe

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