TPA Airport Parking Horrors & How To Avoid Them

You’ve packed your bags, now only one thing stands between you and your flight: whether to get a ride or deal with TPA Airport Parking.

 Before You Get There

 Traffic Is Hassle

Driving yourself may seem like the simplest solution, but have you thought about what you’re in for once you get to the airport? Tampa International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. As busy as the roads are around Tampa, traffic near the TPA airport is even worse.

  • Getting caught in traffic can cost you precious time and wear on your sanity. A particularly awful traffic experience could leave you so frazzled that you make mistakes. You don’t want to take a chance on forgetting any important documents in the car—or worse, your luggage!

Our professional chauffeurs know the best routes to avoid traffic and slowdowns along the way. Their rigorous preparations include safety and driving programs with real training on the field—not just in a classroom.

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 Navigation Frustration

Whether you’re new in town or have lived in the area for years, getting around is a lot less stressful in the passenger seat.

  • Driving yourself, you may want to turn your GPS on for live traffic updates. Slowdowns could send you into unfamiliar territory and get you lost.


  • Inside the airport itself, the directional signs come up so quickly that it’s easy to miss yours.


  • Even if you know exactly where you’re going, remember that other drivers around you may not. If they are lost, they become hazards as they could jump lanes too quickly if the driver notices a sign at the last minute.

Riding with a professional chauffeur guarantees that you are in the hands of an expert who knows where, they’re going. Staying on course will save you time and peace of mind. Your ride to the TPA Airport will be a breeze!

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TPA Airport Parking

 Parking is Expensive

There are several options for parking at the airport. But is that really where you want to spend your money?

  • Valet parking can cost up to $30 per day.


  • Self-parking doesn’t give you that much in savings. Daily rates for the short term garage can set you back up to $22 or $18 for the long term garage at the TPA Airport.


  • You might be leaning more toward the economy sections or off-site parking. Even those prices can add up. The “economy” option will charge you up to $10 every day and off-site options aren’t much lower.

Long-term travelers may not even have the option of parking in the airport garage. The maximum amount of time that you can leave your car in TPA airport parking is 45 days.

  • If you’re backpacking across Europe for two months or on location for extended business travel, parking on-site could pose a problem. Not to mention the high costs that you would rack up at any level of airport parking. Even the economy option would cost you $450 if left for the maximum time allowed.

The bottom line here is why would you pay someone else for the privilege of parking your car? Your car can stay parked at your own home for free, every day.

The luxury of car service includes being picked up at your doorstep, as well as having a ride ready when you get back. That means no vehicle to park and no worrying about your car being left unattended.

Leaving Your Vehicle Unattended is Risky

While you are away, anything could happen. Someone could run into your car in the parking lot or break the window looking for valuables. Sure, there may be security on-site, but that only helps to try and punish the perpetrator after the fact.

Leaving your vehicle safely in your own garage makes unpleasant situations less likely to happen in the first place.

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The Clock is Ticking

Not only is the meter running on your parking time, but your flight also has a strict schedule. The farther away you park or the longer it takes to find a spot, the later you’ll be able to check in for your flight. Then you still have to check your bags, go through security, and get to your gate. If you want to get food, go shopping, or need to use the restrooms, you’ll need to allow time for that, too. Remember, Tampa International Airport is busy. Don’t waste time when you can help it.

Limo rentals and airport shuttles don’t have the constantly running meter of a taxi. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your transportation is in the hands of a seasoned professional.

Don’t Get Left Holding the Bag

Sometimes even something as simple as carrying your own luggage is enough to slow you down. Those bags can get heavy and you may have to carry them a long way from the parking lot.

Chauffeured car service gets you so much more than just a driver. Your chauffeur is there to provide excellent service and will even help you with your bags. You won’t have to worry about lugging them to and from the parking area. Your limousine will drop you off at the closest point possible for departure. Another luxury of arranging an airport shuttle is that you will have a ride waiting when you land.

At Network Transportation, our professional team will stop at nothing to ensure you have the best ground transportation experience.

As a single source transportation provider, we handle all of the details, while you relax in luxury. We can also handle your business travel accommodations.

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