The excitement was in full force as I was given the amazing opportunity to join my Going Global family once again for three days full of amazing people and a wealth of knowledge. What better place to be headed then Washington, DC! Flight is taking off and here we go…

Landed safely and was greeted by my chauffeur to take me on the first leg of my journey! RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation here I come. As we turned the corner into the parking lot of RMA’S brand new office facility my eyes were hooked on the amazing fleet of vehicles lined up ready to go! My chauffeur then gathered my luggage and escorted me to the front door where I was greeted by the amazing staff at RMA and many of my fellow Going Global family members. We got to tour their new facility and I was completely blown away on ever corner we turned. From their reservation area to their chauffeur lounge every area was designed to not only be functional for all, but fun and comfortable place to work!

Day 1 of our meeting started with Tony Simon from Reston Limousines. Tony spoke on how to make the most out of your time at the trade shows. For example: To pre-plan appointments for the day time with affiliates from every part of the world not just in your area. He also touched on the importance of how to present yourself at all times, because you are the face of the company while there. Primary focus should be your ROI not if you attended every party that was held!

Next on the packed day was the “Idea Think Tank”, this was a chance for all group members to present a working routine that has helped save your company money and time! There where so many amazing ideas, everything from water tanks, to giving new employees a test of what they learned through the training process!

We ended the day at the amazing Stone Tower Winery, where our group got to enjoy a wine tour mountain side! After our delicious wine we had the utmost pleasure of being invited to dine at Kristina Bouweiri’s Reston’s Founder/CEO beautiful home. What a treat! http://www.restonlimo.com

Finally on the last day of the Going Global takes over Washington we had the pleasure of getting to have Guest Speaker Barry Gross give our team all the hidden gems on how to build your Affiliate Program! The day ended with a tour of Reston Limousines, everyone was blown away by not only their facility but their impressive fleet of vehicles. Everyone at Reston was so welcoming and showed our group and amazing time! Thank you for your hospitality and a trip of a lifetime.

Washington left an imprint on our hearts and mind. We hope you enjoyed traveling with us today, Til next time! https://www.networktransportationww.com

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Network Transportation provides quality transport from luxury to medical, and beyond! Serving the Tampa, FL area as well as worldwide!With Network Transportation Worldwide Chauffeured Service you will receive worldwide airport service and ground transportation service to more than 550 major travel destinations, international cities and regional airports across the globe.
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