Oh The Possibilities With A Limo Bus!

What is a limo bus?

Luxury party transportation also known as “Party ride”, “Limo bus” , “Limousine bus”, “Party van” or “Luxury bus”.  A large luxury vehicle derived from a conventional bus or coach. However, it’s modified to create that elegant / trendy party on wheels. Why wait to get somewhere to start the festivities? When your party is on wheels, the fun starts as soon as you climb on board!


Where The Limo Bus Can Take You



Birthday Parties

Whether you want to hit the town with your entourage or make your little girl feel like a princess, luxury transportation is perfect for birthdays. For adult parties, you can stock the mini bar with your favorite bottles to pregame on the way to the party spot.

When the party location is part of the surprise, carpooling with the party bus helps to keep the details under wraps. The tinted windows make it a little harder to see where you’re going. If guests don’t know where they are headed beforehand, it helps to keep spoilers under control.




Your wedding day is a special time that is all about you. Your wedding party is also a major part of your big day, so they deserve to feel special, too. Arranging wedding transportation is a good way to get in some last minute bonding time with the bridal party or groomsmen before the ceremony. Rather than having each member of the bridal party travel to your wedding destination separately, everyone can be part of the moment when the crew rides together.

Do you have guests flying in from out of town? Arrange airport transfers for them! Your guests will be escorted in style and luxury from the airport to one of the amazing wedding venues Tampa has to offer.


Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Your last night as a single person is bound to be one full of memories. Rather than designating one of your girls or guys as the driver, hiring a party bus lets you savor your time with one another.




Your child’s prom is likely to be the biggest night of his or her high school experience. Party bus rental gives you the peace of mind as a parent to know that your child is riding with a professional who will get them there safely. Your child will feel like a VIP as he or she makes a red carpet worthy appearance, showing up with his or her closest friends in the party mobile.



Girl’s / Guy’s Night Out

When you’re getting ready to hit the town with your girls or guys, transportation is often the last thing on anyone’s mind. Make sure everyone gets there and back safely with chauffeured car service. With a party bus, you can focus on the fun and let your chauffeur focus on the ride.


Holiday Parties

Colleagues, families, and friends love to get together for the holidays. If your group likes to go out rather than stay in, renting a party van puts the fun on wheels!


Why You Should Hop On A Limo Bus 

Safety Is A Top Priority! When planning any kind of event, safety should always be a high priority. The party bus cost is cheaper than a DUI and invaluable compared to the feeling of relief when everyone arrives home safely.

Hiring a professional chauffeur means that you will be riding with someone who knows what they are doing. A professional will know the roads like the back of their hand. Rather take the scenic route? These professionals are trained to avoid routes during particular time of day. Which can help you avoid traffic, construction, or any other concerns. (Getting you to your destination in a luxury fashion is a priority!)

Your teen attending prom? your chauffeur will not tolerate any underage drinking or drugs in the vehicle. You can rest easy knowing that your child is enjoying their night responsibly. Barhopping and enjoying the night-life? riding with a chauffeured car service ensures that no one needs to get behind the wheel after drinking. It also eliminates the chance of anyone feeling left out on the fun for having to be the one with all of the responsibility.


Efficiency is Taken Seriously 

Most standard vehicles can carry several people, but yet most of us travel with only one person in the car.

  • Going out with a group can be tricky when you have to coordinate


  • Who needs to leave at what time


  • Where to park


  • Paying for parking


  • Being sure no one gets lost

It is much more efficient to have everyone ride together in the same vehicle. Once everyone is together, the party has already started before you even get to your destination!



Luxury Ground Transportation Is Key

The main differences in hiring a limo bus instead of a taxi are:

  • High capacity of luxury party vehicles


  • Luxurious experience that you can’t get anywhere else.


  • The feeling of experiencing a party on wheels.


  • Exclusivity of a party bus vehicle.


  • Plush, wraparound seats surround you in comfort along the ride.


  • Minibar can be stocked with your favorite beverages and snacks, making you feel right at home.


  • Window tint provide privacy!


Which Limo Bus Is Right For You?

The fleet at Network Transportation has the right vehicle for your needs, from luxury black car service to full motor coaches and everything in between.

Limo Bus Rental Options:

Limo Cruiser

Luxury Mini Coach

Mini Coach

Network Transportation is much more than just a Tampa limo service. Call or check us out online today to find the perfect luxury vehicle for your next night out!

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