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Plan Your MegaCon Tampa Experience In Advance

It’s almost time for Tampa Bay pop culture fans to come together and bask in one another’s geeky glory. Every fall, the creators of MegaCon Orlando bring their popular convention to our area with MegaCon Tampa.

This event allows Tampa’s convention fans to enjoy the MegaCon festivities without driving to Orlando. However, traveling attendees, as well as locals, should focus just as hard on Tampa transportation. As well as travel arrangements as they do on their cosplay and other convention preparations.

What Is Megacon?

MegaCon Tampa Bay is the perfect place to show off that new cosplay outfit. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the stars and animators from fan-favorite films, TV, and comics. Attendees can get updates on their favorite series or franchise straight from the source at celebrity panels. For a souvenir unlike any other, they can even snap a photo with their favorite costumed characters.

Megacon Tampa

Why Plan Early?

It may sound cliché, but the best course of action is always planning in advance. However, with conventions, planning early is even more important.


For those who have to take time off from work to attend MegaCon Tampa, planning may make or break their chances of making it to the convention. Requesting days off in advance increases the chances that the boss will approve their time off. If too many people have requested the same dates off, someone may get denied.

Moreover, travelers who wait until the last minute may have a hard time booking a hotel or Tampa airport shuttle reservation. On the other hand, acting too hastily can also cause problems. Remember to always research lodging and transportation providers, even if they advertise as “Best Limo Service Tampa.”


Buying tickets early is important. Not only is it cheaper to buy tickets online, but it’s also the only way to enjoy the whole convention. That’s because waiting to purchase tickets at the door also means standing in line for hours. In addition, only same-day and deluxe passes can be purchased at the box office. Those looking for family, group, VIP, or other special ticket types can only buy their tickets online.

Plus, all those savings could go toward ways to better enjoy the convention. For example, imagine booking a party bus rental instead of dealing with public transportation. Cosplay outfits can be heavy and cause the wearer to overheat easily. However, an air-conditioned Tampa party bus keeps everyone cool and comfortable.

Travel Arrangements

The secret to booking the best Tampa travel plans? Book early! Transportation reservation is also cheaper in advance, from flights to limo bus rentals. Just be sure that the method is actually convenient.For example, there is a special bus from Orlando to Tampa and back for the event. However, space is limited.

In addition, seats sell out quickly and the schedule is strict. If an attendee misses the Orlando pickup, he or she must find another ride for the con. The flip side of that coin is that if an attendee misses the pickup in Tampa, he or she may not be able to get back to Orlando! Even for those who do make it on time, they still have to drive home after the Orlando drop-off.  Consider this alternative: Booking your own Tampa limo bus or TPA airport shuttle. 

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This will ensure that your ride will fit your schedule. This is much less stressful than trying to work convention plans around arbitrary pick-up times and locations. For those flying into town, take the time to find the best deal on the flight.  Then, the next step is securing a TPA Airport Shuttle. The chauffeur will arrive before the plane even lands, ready to load their clients’ luggage into the car. From there, attendees should head to their hotel to get ready for MegaCon Tampa.

Lodging & Other Accommodations

Hotels may also offer deals for booking a reservation in advance. Other things to consider are location and proximity to the event. Some travelers may also want special amenities. Remember, the early nerd gets the worm! The best hotels and limo Tampa options get booked quickly.

Hotels Near Tampa Convention Center

Don’t assume that the hotels closest to the convention center are the best options. For example, there are hotels located within a block from the convention center. However, staying at the nearby Mariott will cost upwards of $500. A reservation at the Sheraton a few blocks away, on the other hand, will cost around $300. Staying farther from the Convention Center allows attendees to save money on hotel reservations.

Saving on lodging and transportation leaves more money to spend on the events themselves, as well as snacks and souvenirs. Although others may use their savings to splurge on bigger ticket items, like the chance to snap a photo with their favorite celebrities.

However, it is important to mention that staying farther away from the official MegaCon Tampa location also means planning for Tampa travel to and from the event. Even the best limo service Tampa has available must obey speed limits and traffic laws, so allow extra time to account for traffic delays.

Tampa Transportation

There are several types of local travel arrangements, from TPA airport shuttle services to limo Tampa and beyond. However, booking a Tampa Airport Shuttle is only the beginning of the journey. Tampa transportation can be a bit tricky for both natives and newcomers.

During event and tourist seasons, popular locations become even more crowded. This increases traffic and can cause delays. As such, taxis can be even more unpredictable or expensive. However, there are plenty of other Tampa travel options.

Shuttle Tampa

Relying on ride-sharing services, such as Uber or Lyft, can be stressful during these times. Pick-up and drop-off times are affected by traffic. If the driver is unfamiliar with the area, he or she won’t take the fastest route. Moreover, fares also fluctuate and are the most expensive when the demand is high. Local hotels or groups may offer event shuttles. HOWEVER, they typically fill up quickly. 

Megacon Shuttle
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Additionally, they often have a set schedule that may not align with yours. This means riders may be left waiting for long periods of time, without even a reservation or a guaranteed seat.

Private Transportation

Limo Tampa services offer safer, more reliable rides for the festivities. Remember, the best limo service Tampa has to offer may not be what you think. Of course, there is the classic stretch limousine. However, private transportation companies also operate other types of vehicles.

For solo passengers or couples, luxury sedans provide plenty of seating space. SUVs provide room for more passengers, as well as room for cosplay costumes and props. For those traveling in even larger groups, a Tampa party bus can accommodate up to 30 passengers. Motor coach buses can even transport around 50 passengers and are comfortable enough for long distances.

In addition, having a professional chauffeur behind the wheel guarantees everyone a sober designated driver. Some chauffeurs are even trained to act as bodyguards for high-profile passengers. Should your group need any other special amenities or services, reach out your Tampa transportation provider before booking a party bus rental or limo reservation.

Megacon Tampa Shuttle Experience

All in all, you’re going to be reserving your hotel and Megacon tickets in advance. However, booking your Megacon transportation in advance is equally as important. With such high demand for Tampa transportation during a convention center event, things can get hectic. As a result, when you reserve your town car service with Network Transportation Solutions, you’re booking reliable means of transportation. Delivering nothing but safety and luxury when transporting you, whether you’re in cosplay or not.

Having an air-conditioned vehicle transport you to the convention center from your hotel will prevent cosplay malfunction. Florida heat can get intense and anything can happen when you’re walking from your hotel to the con. In conclusion, a chauffeur taking you to your desired destination is safe, reliable and helpful.

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