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Wedding Transportation Tips & More To Tie The Knot In Style

Your wedding day is something special. All eyes will be on you and your future spouse as you make your way down the aisle. The whole event, from the invitations to the wedding transportation, is designed with you in mind.

However, have you ever realized just how much of your wedding ceremony can be customized to your own desires? Although it may seem obvious to some, on your special day, nearly every detail can be arranged according to your own dreams.

Let’s explore this further by taking a look at a traditional wedding saying.

Something Old

There are several ways you can interpret “something old.”

For example, a bride may want to wear her mother’s wedding gown or a groom may choose to carry his dad’s handkerchief.

However, you can take this a step further with a destination wedding. What if your something old was a historic venue or location?

There are many places like this in Tampa. For example, there’s the Ritz Ybor right in the heart of the city.

The Ritz was built in 1917, but underwent a major renovation before opening as Tampa’s premier events venue in June of 2008.

Previously hosted events here include sold-out concerts by major stars, such as Lady Gaga, Tiesto, and many others.

Wedding Transportation Solutions

If the theatre feel isn’t quite your style, consider the The Orlo House and Ballroom. Due to its large size, this venue is best reserved for large parties. The venue’s capacity is between 200 and 350 guests, depending on whether you need room for sitting or standing. 

Something New

It’s a big world out there! As such, the options are nearly endless when it comes to selecting your something new. Really, each day forward will be a step into something new as you build your new life together.

You could play it simple and buy something new for your outfit, such as cuff links or new shoes. The bride may want to consider her new dress for this category. However, there are other more adventurous options, as well.

Consider going somewhere you’ve never been for your honeymoon, or even your wedding destination. If you feel any apprehension about learning your way around a new area, remember that booking wedding transportation means that you don’t have to worry about learning to drive on unfamiliar roads. 

Call ahead to reserve a ride to TPA Airport and you won’t have to worry about the local traffi, either. Airport shuttle service saves you time, since your chauffeur will drop you off right at the entrance. In addition, it saves you the cost and hassles of leaving your car in Tampa airport parking.

Something Borrowed

Choosing items to fit this theme can often make people teary-eyed. That’s because of the highly sentimental nature of the items that are borrowed from family members or close friends.

It is common for couples to borrow accessories from parents or other family member that have been significant in their lives. Remember the above mention of borrowing the gown or handkerchief from your parents? 

If borrowing something of such high importance makes you nervous, there is another way to incorporate this principle into your wedding planning. By using a rental service, you are only borrowing the items that you are using for the ceremony. As such, your wedding limo transportation technically qualifies.

Now, before you start to worry that limousine cars may be outside of your means, remember that Tampa has a reliable source for affordable limousine service to fit any budget. Network Transportation Solutions can handle your luxury car service needs for your special day as well as everyday tasks, such as corporate travel or non-emergency medical transportation. 

Something Blue
(Inside Limo)

Tampa Bay happens to be home to a very large something blue.

The Bay itself contains beautiful blue water, as does the Hillsborough River.

Pick a venue with a view and this part of the list is easy to check off.

Limousine fleet
Limo Inside

Having stretch limousine and limo bus options that feature vivid lighting in a number of colors, even blue! If party lighting isn’t your thing, you could decorate with blue streamers or create centerpieces for your ceremony with blue accents. A blue shirt adds a pop of color under a tuxedo.

Some brides have even been known to wear blue sneakers under their gowns. When you use your imagination, you can come up with some really creative options for blue wedding items.

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Network Transportation is proud to provide the best in limo rental, Tampa Bay and beyond. 

When you need Car Service Near Me, you don’t have to feel like calling an Uber or Lyft is your only option. 

While these ride-sharing services may seem convenient, remember that the quickest fix isn’t always the best. 

Our fleet features a wide range of limousine cars, from Town Cars to stretched limos and SUVs. 

Whether you need wedding transportation or business event transportation, our professional chauffeurs are happy to help. 

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Written By: Amber M. Smith



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