You are currently viewing Staying Motivated In The Office: 2019 Edition

Staying Motivated In The Office: 2019 Edition

Staying motivated at work can be trying at times. Everyone has days where they just can’t seem to get it together. It’s going to happen even to the best and most productive workers. So, what can we do to stay motivated?

Willpower and motivation go hand-in-hand. With a decrease in willpower, we experience ego depletion. When this happens, brain power slows down and we become more impulsive and emotional. In this mode, good habits are more difficult to maintain.

Some of the reasons our levels of willpower drop are:

Anything that requires a lot of brain power depletes willpower:

Throughout the day, you’re constantly making decisions or solving difficult tasks. That’s why it’s important to find the most efficient way to accomplish each task.


Strong urges, such as desiring a cigarette, can be very disruptive to your productivity:

Be mindful of the urge. How do you feel about this sudden urge? Mindfulness is a form of meditation and, if you stay positive, the urge will go away.


Consistent decision making throughout the day:

Making lists is a dynamic way of avoiding decision fatigue. By planning your tasks ahead of time, it’s far easier to stay motivated and productive.


Writing down your intentions/goals is a great approach to staying motivated:

However, make sure your goals are realistic. By breaking your tasks into manageable goals, you’ll hit those milestones in a timelier manner.


When we’re doing what we love, our willpower isn’t drained:

Feeling energized and ready to take on the world. So, it’s vital that you learn to enjoy your tasks. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will also boost your motivation.


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Going to work every day in a motivational slump can create stress and negative effects on your physical and mental health. This can cause feelings of guilt concerning your career. When our energy level doesn’t match our aspirations, frustration can set in. Causing further disruptions in our life.

Finding out what is draining your energy is the first step in finding your motivation. Several causes of a motivational slump and solutions for getting back on track are:


Burnout – Making yourself available around-the-clock can lead to serious burnout and cause resentment toward the workplace. Learning to say no and prioritizing tasks allows you to concentrate on what’s most important.

However, do this with a true and positive intention. You’ve chosen to accomplish a task, which invokes a feeling of autonomy. Which then leads to motivation.


Motivational Dips – If you’re having problems getting started on a difficult task, break it down into manageable pieces. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and anxious. In addition, develop a warm-up exercise that helps you transition into a work mode (e.g., a 10-minute meditation exercise).


Social Needs – Feeling accepted and appreciated is a very important aspect to staying motivated. It’s very common for people to feel emotionally disconnected in the workplace. Successful teams have developed mutual respect and trust and are far more happy, confident, and productive.

In addition, managers can really boost motivation by providing a clear picture of how each employee’s efforts tie into accomplishing the company’s goals. Everyone needs this reinforcement in order to stay motivated. There are variety of ways to inspire motivation through team-building exercises. For example:

  • Assigning tasks to individual team members based on interest
  • Offering flexible schedules
  • Creating workflow boards or online systems
  • Holding skill-sharing exercises
  • Creating a dynamic workplace
  • Reducing office chatter
  • Designing meeting rooms
  • Keeping an open-door policy
  • Easing the stress of corporate travel

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